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Robert Fritz on Structural Relationships

The other day I was rereading one of my favourite books of all time, The Managerial Moment of Truth. Robert Fritz is the co-author, and he is a giant in the management field, delving into how structural relationships impact behaviour, from individuals to organizations. (Actually, he’s a giant in two fields: he’s also successful in the arts as a composer and creator, making both music and films. I recommend picking up one of his other books, Your Life as Art, too, if you haven’t already.)

I spoke to Robert a few years ago, and that interview deserves another listen. So sit back and tune into this redux podcast. In this wide-ranging discussion we talk about:

  • How Robert frames Great Work — as being true to yourself — and what that really means.
  • The fact that organizations are amoral — what that means and, in particular, what that means to you as a member of that organization.
  • Why “problem solving” is so seductive for managers — and how it gets in the way of Great Work.
  • The fundamental design of organizations, why it matters and what their real purpose is (it’s not shareholder return).

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