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Sir John Whitmore Takes on Coaching for Performance

John WhitmoreSir John Whitmore was a pioneer of the coaching industry. He passed away earlier this year, but his legacy will live on forever. He had a fascinating, full life. After a career as a professional racing-car driver, John established the field of coaching in the UK. He is perhaps best known for his book Coaching for Performance, one of the very first coaching books, which has sold a million copies in 23 languages and introduced the world to the “GROW model.”

Several years ago I had the good fortune to interview Sir John, and it seems fitting to revisit that interview now.

In this interview we talk about:

  • How to help individual contributors see the bigger picture.
  • Trans-personal coaching and how it addresses the “crisis of meaning.”
  • The challenge of doing Great Work in an organization.
  • How the concepts of high awareness and high responsibility can help you and those around you do more Great Work.

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