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Twofer Tuesday: On Creativity & Daydreaming

When interviewing top achievers and game changers, I’m struck by how many of them make time to unplug. They understand and value the need to let the mind wander. Each of these Twofer articles uncovers the merits of daydreaming and the power it holds to unleash our creativity.

Bringing Creativity Back to Life

When it comes to busyness, a lot of lip service is paid to the toll it can take on our health and happiness. But what about the harm it can do to overall performance?

Racing from one task to the next, bouncing between distractions along the way, gets in the way of our ability to focus. Maybe even more importantly, it also gums up our ability to unfocus — to nurture the creative thoughts born out of idleness, the ones behind all the best original and innovative ideas.

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Sweet Daydreams

Consider this: Perhaps the best indicator of future success isn’t work ethic. Perhaps the next generation of inventors, creators and high-tech wizards can be found, right now, gazing absently out the window, while their peers press their noses to the grindstone.

Yes, hard work is important. But it’s no more important, and maybe even a great deal less important, than allowing ourselves to daydream.

“Daydreaming constitutes an intense and heterogeneous set of brain functions. Yet this industrious activity plays out while the conscious mind remains utterly unaware of the work. Our thoughts (sometimes really great thoughts) emerge without our anticipation or understanding. They emerge from the blue.”

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