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Twofer Tuesday: On Embracing Feedback & Loving Work

Have you ever wondered whether workplace feedback is even worthwhile? How about what to do when you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling for your job? This week’s Twofer articles offer solid advice and insights on both those topics. Read on to find out how, by adjusting your attitude to both feedback and career engagement, you can reap great rewards.

Breaking the Negative Feedback Loop

When it comes to feedback, many of us tend to respond with the three Ds: deny, deflect and defend. I get why. Too often, feedback is unsolicited, overly negative or simply delivered at the wrong time.

That doesn’t mean you should be quick to write off feedback. It holds the key to unlocking our best selves and enabling us to do Great Work — instead of only good work.

Yes, there’s room (maybe even an entire floor!) for improvement on how most feedback is given. But we could all stand to be more open to listening when it is offered, no matter the circumstances.

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Keeping the Workplace Passion Alive (Not Like You’re Thinking)

I think everyone can relate to this next piece.

Nearly all of us has experienced the disappointment of dwindling passion, the guilt of casting your eyes elsewhere and wondering what might have been, what could still be . . .

I’m talking about falling out of love with your career.

The job may have changed. Or you may have outgrown the work. Perhaps you simply need a break.

Whatever the reason, this savvy Harvard Business Review article offers key tips on how to rekindle the spark you once felt for your career. (And what to do when it truly is time to move on.)

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