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Twofer Tuesday: On Workplace Collaboration

I love working with great collaborators. It raises my game, and I like to think it gives my co-conspirators a bit of a boost as well. Stepping outside your own mental box and inviting insights and ideas from other top thinkers is always rewarding (and makes for a much more enjoyable experience than trying to achieve everything alone!). For this week’s Twofer, I invite you to consider the many benefits of collaboration.

Outperformance Anxiety: Measuring the Merits of Collaboration

Many of us are motivated by the desire to reach the apex of our respective fields. To play at the top of our game and be recognized as leading performers.

Yet there can be a dark side to success. As this Scientific American article explains, coworkers often look to punish star employees, because of envy and resentment.

So how can managers nurture a supportive work environment that will attract and retain top performers?

“By helping employees recognize that the benefits of collaborating with high performers can outweigh the threats, managers can assure that star performers are embraced rather than sabotaged.”

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Collaboration for the Win

There’s something to be said for taking the path of least resistance. Then again, they also say that nothing worth having comes easy. When it comes to collaboration, I tend to favour the latter sentiment.

Yes, collaboration takes effort. But it’s absolutely worth it when you consider the great potential it has for far better outcomes.

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