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Twofer Tuesday: On High Performance & Meditation

Remember the game of Follow the Leader? You might have played it, in your younger days, on the playground or at camp. It may seem like child’s play now, but there’s a valuable lesson to be learned from that simple activity: Looking to top performers for the best example to follow can help take your work to new heights. These Twofer pieces take a gander at how some of the world’s greatest companies get the job done right.

Reach Your Higher (Business) Self

Google is one of the most successful enterprises out there. So when I see an article outlining the fundamental dynamics shared by the crème de la crème at Google, I’m quick to give it a good hard look. If you’re looking to build or be part of a high-performing team, I suggest you do the same!

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Downshift to Accelerate Performance

Speaking of Google, it, along with Goldman Sachs and Medtronic, is among the leading-edge businesses that encourage their employees to practice meditation and mindfulness.

The reason? Mindfulness meditation enhances creativity and innovation. And 10 to 12 minutes per session is often all it takes.

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