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Twofer Tuesday: On Making Better Decisions

Every decision we make changes outcomes. Those outcomes might be small, affecting only a given day or even just the next hour. Other times they can impact careers or the rest of our lives. And it’s not just about choosing between option A and option B; indecision can carry as much weight as making the “wrong” choice. These Twofer articles examine common decision-making mistakes made by even the best among us, and spell out important steps we can take to improve our own decision making.

Stop Outsmarting Yourself

Is it really possible to be too smart for your own good? According to columnist and Collaborative Fund partner Morgan Housel, it is indeed!

Intelligence is a great thing, but it can often lead people to stray too far down the garden path of brainstorming. Looking for stimulation, they tend to overlook the simple explanations and solutions in favour of something overly complex.

Seems to me, the answer might lie in another old adage: Keep it simple, stupid.

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Start Identifying the Deciding Factors

And now for another take on making those wise choices that result in success …

CNBC cracks open the minds of 11 top entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles to reveal how they arrive at the best decisions:

“When making a decision, ask yourself: one, what’s the upside? Two, what’s the downside? And most importantly, three: can I live with the downside?”

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