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Twofer Tuesday: On Anonymous Feedback & Original Thought

If you follow this blog, it won’t come as a surprise that I’m an advocate of going against the grain and challenging our default settings. That’s how some of our greatest visionaries and innovators found their success. And that’s precisely what this week’s Twofer examines. The first piece considers whether conventional methods of employee engagement are friend or foe. The second stirs up the grey matter to uncover the surprising habits of original thinkers.

Underachievers Anonymous?

Every day, companies around the world commit a cardinal corporate sin without even knowing it. The offence? Conducting anonymous feedback.

Anonymity has its merits. But this article in Forbes spells out exactly how anonymous feedback can hamstring efforts to encourage Great Work from your employees and cultivate an environment of innovation.

“Once anonymity is introduced as the norm, the providers of feedback are less specific because details may reveal their identity. This theft of context manifests in six ways, all of which can undermine the learning, openness, courage, and adaptability required for an entrepreneurial culture to take root.”

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An Original: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Creativity

You’ve heard the adage “The early bird catches the worm.” While there may be some plump robins out there benefiting from that line of thought, we can’t always fall back on old assumptions.

In this terrific TED Talk, organizational psychologist Adam Grant offers up golden nuggets on how creative people come up with great ideas. Spoiler alert! He isn’t afraid to flip popular sayings and tenets on their heads. To wit, procrastination can be a virtue; doubt and fear need not be avoided; and, sometimes, more is more.

Watch: The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers

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