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Twofer Tuesday: On Human Psychology & Solo Meetings

Business is all about people. If you want to succeed in business, it behooves you to know how the human mind works and to examine why people respond the way they do. That understanding, of course, doesn’t apply only to your staff and peers; let’s also take the time to understand ourselves. This week’s Twofer explores what we stand to gain by considering psychology in the workplace and by staying in touch with our own wants and ambitions.

The Science of Progress: Understanding Human Nature

Understanding people is the key to building strong relationships in life, and that includes on the job. Without understanding, we can’t relate or empathize, so how could we possibly come up with solutions that meet another’s needs?

This clever piece from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development presents three ways in which HR departments stand to benefit from understanding “why people behave as they do and what affects the way they do it.”

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Productivity Cheat: The Merits of “Me Time”

If there’s one weekly meeting you should absolutely never miss, it’s the one with yourself. So says productivity writer Stephanie Vozza; according to her Fast Company article, high performers sit down every week to keep their goals and achievements in check.

“They keep a sacred, non-negotiable meeting with themselves every week to re-sync, get current, and align their daily work and projects with their priorities,” says David Maxfield, vice president of research for the leadership-training firm VitalSmarts.

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