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Twofer Tuesday: On Leading Leaders & Encouraging Entrepreneurism

Have you ever wondered which way is the best way to build the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow? This week’s Twofer looks at two proven approaches to helping employees reach their leadership and entrepreneurial potential.

Employee Engagement: Coach for Success

Good coaching — no, make that GREAT coaching — plays an important role in developing strong leadership. And if you haven’t already taken my word for it, maybe you’ll consider these wise words from HR Dive. Here, it outlines what new research shows about the connection between coaching and professional development.

“When companies invest in the growth of their people leadership skills, employees respond by being more engaged in the organizational goals, leading to higher performance and earnings.”

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Entrepreneurism 2.0

If you wanted to groom someone to become a successful entrepreneur, which do you think would be the best approach: business training or psychological training?

According to this Economist article, the psychological approach may well be your best bet. Skills like goal setting and handling feedback and setbacks well prove to be highly useful to entrepreneurs — and aren’t taught in conventional business training, which veers toward accounting, financial management and marketing.

I think this approach can be applied to the workplace also. If you want to promote an entrepreneurial spirit in your organization, give your people the skills to give and receive ongoing feedback and coaching.

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