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Is the Revolution Real?

You’ve heard the rumours, but what is really happening in performance management?

To throw some light onto the shadows, Michael Bungay Stanier, David Creelman and Anna Tavis surveyed senior executives across more than 120 organizations, asking them to share what they’re doing (and not doing) in their organizations. The result is The Truth & Lies of Performance Management, a new research report commissioned by Box of Crayons.

Section 1, Is the Revolution Real?, is available for download today. This section explores where things are with the performance management revolution, and where your organization might be relative to others.

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Get Section 1: Is the Revolution Real?

To supplement the report, Michael Bungay Stanier is launching a new podcast, Performance Management Stories, in which he talks to senior folks from various organizations, getting the skinny on how they’ve thought about, tackled and wrestled with performance management issues. Stay tuned for the first episode to go live on February 19, 2018.

Calling all HR, OD or L&D writers, bloggers and podcasters: if you would like to interview Michael Bungay Stanier about this report, contact

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