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New Podcast Launch!

Our new podcast has launched! Hosted by Michael Bungay Stanier, Performance Management Stories shares the successes and struggles of senior leaders who have walked the path to evolve performance management in their organizations. Guests include senior executives across a variety of industries, including consumer goods, finance, health care, retail and technology.

In this first episode, Michael speaks to Garry Ridge, the CEO of the WD-40 Company, about the importance of shifting focus from ratings to development.

This week, Performance Management Stories features a new guest each day, before settling into its regular Wednesday slot. You’ll hear:

  • Cameron Hedrick, chief learning officer at Citi, talk about the dual conversations of performance management.
  • Sarah Keizer, VP of HR at TD Bank, delve into feedback, appraisals and mobile technology.
  • Tina Kao Mylon, SVP, Talent and Diversity, Global HR at Schneider Electric, discuss how her company is empowering the employee to be in the driver’s seat of performance management.
  • Mark Edgar, SVP Human Resources at RSA Canada, expand on the future of work and how his organization is sustaining more coach-like behaviours.

Go to Performance Management Stories.

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