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What Revolution?

The world of performance management is undergoing a time of unparalleled transformation. How do we know? Flip open any business or HR publication and you’ll see article after article about the drastic changes taking place right now.

In the first section of our new research report, entitled “Is the Revolution Real?,” we share with you findings from our interviews with over 120 senior leaders in organizations around the world. One of the key findings is that the future is here, but it’s unevenly distributed.

Yes, changes are going on, but not in as many organizations as you might think. In fact, 86% of survey respondents categorized their current annual performance process as similar or only somewhat different to the classic process.

Which means that changes to the framework and process of performance management are occurring, but not as fast and as furious as people might wish.

Our survey respondents weighed in on what is working well — and what needs to be fixed.

If you want to find out exactly what’s changing, you’ll just have to download the report.

Download The Truth & Lies of Performance Management here.

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