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Coaching Not Sticking?

Acknowledging the need for more frequent feedback, many organizations are now reviewing their approach to performance management — and equipping managers with the skills needed to give higher quality, more frequent feedback.

The problem is, HR leaders have tried previously to implement coaching in their organizations and have struggled to do it successfully. Our research shows that although leaders understand the need for coaching, they often feel either overwhelmed or ill-equipped to coach their teams.

Figure 4.3, from “How to Make Coaching Work,” the fourth section of the Truth & Lies of Performance Management report, reflects our findings that only 16% of companies have leaders who ensure ongoing coaching is happening, and that in more than half of the organizations we surveyed, support from managers is hit-and-miss.

In “How to Make Coaching Work,” we tackle the significant barriers that stop managers and leaders from being more coach-like.

In short, it’s not enough to put them through training. You must also remove the subtle barriers that get in the way of coaching being taken up — and change the behaviour of the people who work in your organization.

If you’d like to read more about how to get coaching to gain traction in your organization, download The Truth & Lies of Performance Management here.

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