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New! Micro-Learning Series on Creating a Coaching Culture

It’s official: the full version of The Truth & Lies of Performance Management has now been released. You can download the complete report here.

To celebrate, we’re launching a micro-learning series to accompany the report. It’s designed to augment and build on some of the key themes found in the report.

Coaching isn’t just an HR priority, it’s a business imperative. When managers adopt more coach-like behaviours, they help their team members’ development, so their talent can reach higher performance levels and have a bigger impact on the work they do. Yet, in organizations around the world, there is a struggle to make coaching stick.

In our new micro-learning course, HR leaders will learn:

  • How to overcome barriers to coaching.
  • The secret to making coaching stick.
  • Six signs of manager resistance to watch out for.
  • Practical ways of looking at and understanding corporate culture.
  • The ROI of coaching.

Sound interesting? Sign up here to get the report and the micro-learning series.


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