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All About Michael’s New Book (and More!)

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I wanted to share two exciting pieces of news, and offer a small, fun something you might enjoy.

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My new book: The Advice Trap! (Plus: how to get an exclusive manifesto)

If it weren’t for leap years, February 29, 2020, would be the fourth birthday of The Coaching Habit, and I’m now calling it “the book that changed everything!” It’s sold close to three-quarters of a million copies, racked up 1,000+ five-star reviews on Amazon and introduced Box of Crayons to a new generation of wonderful clients. Thank you to all who bought a copy. 

I’ve been working on/sweating over the follow-up, and I can finally tell you about it. The Advice Trap will be a companion to The Coaching Habit. TCH is all about the 7 Core Coaching Questions; The Advice Trap will dig into the challenge of making those questions part of an actual coaching habit. In theory, we know how to be more coach-like. But in practice? That’s trickier. And that’s what the book is all about. I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve got new ideas I want to share with you, and I’ve worked hard to make complex ideas about change feel practical and doable. 

I’ve created a first-to-know-inner-circle-golden-ticket-prepublication-bonus list—I’m not holding anything back there—check out If you sign up, you’ll get a cool (and exclusive) PDF that captures the key insights of The Coaching Habit, and also you’ll get prepublication news and bonuses.

Take a look here and grab the bonus download

I’ve been recognized by Thinkers50

They’ve been called the Oscars of Management, and I’ll confess that I’ve hoped for some years to be recognized. It means a lot to be on the short-list of the inaugural Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Award. 

I’ve been told that my nomination is due to the thought leadership work around coaching that I’ve created over the last few years, and that we use to drive our work with Box of Crayons’ clients.

The MIT Sloan Management Review recently featured Marshall Goldsmith’s interview with me as one of its top three “Must Read Articles for the New Digital Age.” Click on this link to read the article or watch the accompanying video here.

Box of Crayons champions coaching skills as a force for manager excellence and leader capability. We help shift organizational cultures from advice-led to curiosity-driven, and in doing so enable better people and better performance.

You can see all the nominees for all the Thinkers50 awards here.

Michael and The Box of Crayons Team

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