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Box of Crayons’ Top Five Curiosity Articles of 2020

We know you’ve heard it time and time again, but 2020 was a year that challenged everyone — and the challenges continue. We did our best to be resilient and encourage innovation. One thing we champion at Box of Crayons is the value of curiosity that inspires learning. Maybe you’ve been focused on just surviving — and that’s okay! We’re highlighting a few articles from which we drew inspiration in the hopes that they resonate with you.

Here’s a look at our top five curiosity articles from 2020: 

1Empathy Starts with Curiosity by Peter Bregman, featured in Harvard Business Review.

Why we love it: Bregman speaks to what matters right now with the ongoing pandemic, but the message is timeless. At Box of Crayons, we believe curiosity builds empathetic openness by establishing psychological safety and encouraging the acceptance and understanding of others.

2Why Curiosity Is the Next Movement to Enhance Human Performance by Dr. Diane Hamilton, featured in Forbes.

Why we love it: Hamilton is right on trend with the championing of so-called soft skills like curiosity. Drawing on Todd Kashdan, this article outlines how important workplace curiosity is, what blocks it and how to foster it.

3Stay Curious, Stay Successful by Francesca Gino, featured on LinkedIn.

Why we love it: This short article packs a real punch! It highlights the risks and rewards if leaders shy away from or embrace innovation. Good leaders ask questions, and Box of Crayons values great questions even over good answers.

4The Key to Inclusive Leadership by Juliet Bourke & Andrea Titus, featured in Harvard Business Review.

Why we love it: Diversity and inclusion efforts rely on leaders who are committed to nurturing a culture where different ideas, opinions and perspectives are valued. We love that this article emphasizes the role that a humble and curious mindset plays in engaging and leading a diverse workforce.

5Cultivating a Culture of Curiosity by Isobel Rimmer, featured in TLNT.

Why we love it: Rimmer has us from the very first line. “Curiosity is not just an emotion. It’s a behavior.” We especially love the emphasis on organizational resistance to it and why it’s so crucial to push back and grab every opportunity to stay curious longer. 

Each one of these articles speaks not only to curiosity, but to the capabilities and outcomes it unleashes, including innovation, connection, empathy and agility. And we may be biased, but we’re giving an honourable mention to our founder, Michael Bungay Stanier, for Curiosity is a Leadership Superpower in Dialogue. (It’s definitely one of our favourites of the year too!)

What articles about curiosity did you love reading in 2020? What inspired you? 

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