One of the main reasons we experience overwhelm is we’ve become too central to everything. Do you sometimes feel stressed because too many team members and colleagues are relying on you for too many things? We can relate. We also have a tool for how to break out of that cycle of dependency to free yourself and the people around you from overwhelm.

Our go-to tool is: Curiosity. Learning how to shift both mindsets and practices through the use of questions creates three reinforcing benefits:

  1. Improved Problem-Solving, Prioritization & Focus: When we ask thoughtful questions, we help colleagues identify the underlying challenges, see different perspectives and break down the problem into something they can imagine solving. By digging deeper we gain more clarity and insights about the challenge so that we’re focusing on what really matters.
  2. Creative Thinking: Cultivating a curious mindset helps to stimulate creative thinking. Creativity empowered by curiosity allows us to take risks and generate unique and new ideas.
  3. Growth Opportunities for Everyone: When we’re curious we’re more open to learning through listening. We create space for people to explore new ideas to develop new skills. This allows everyone to contribute more.  

If you’re an individual looking for training, Rotman School of Management will be facilitating The Coaching Impact next month (virtually!). This program provides you with a step-by-step process for using curiosity to tackle crucial challenges. Through practice, discussion and reflection, you’ll see the powerful effects of curiosity on finding focus and identifying the real challenge with your teams. You’ll explore possible solutions and drive accountability and ownership so that you, your colleagues and your team can finish stronger than ever – and you can say goodbye to overwhelm!

Click here to register now.