Our success and quality of life depends on our working relationships. Better relationships mean a better support system and better well-being. We all want to create the most effective and strong relationships, we want psychological safety (for us and our key people), we want people we can trust and collaborate with. In order to build that Best Possible Relationship — it starts with Michael Bungay Stanier’s new book, How to Work with (Almost) Anyone

This practical guide also offers:

  • 5 questions that might save your most important working relationships 
  • How you can replicate your best working relationships 
  • How you can make your most difficult working relationships significantly better
  • How to make a hard conversation feel safe
  • And more tools and tips to build the best possible relationships

How to Work with (Almost) Anyone comes out today. It’s the perfect book for anyone who wants to stop hoping that their working relationships will be good and wants to start doing something about it.

Stop waiting and make it happen. Your relationships deserve the best.

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