Our Mission

                     We are here to unleash the power of curiosity.

Our Values

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Stay Curious Longer

Inquire and interrogate. Humility fosters learning. Failure promotes innovation.
Great questions even over good answers.
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Be Generous

Share authentically. Assume positive intent. Meet others where they are.
Engagement even over excellence.
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Pursue Elegance

Aim for precision and simplicity. Navigate ambiguity with grace. Good design matters.
Process even over outcomes. 
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Cultivate Adult-to-adult Relationships

Take courage and challenge directly. Clarify and communicate expectations up front. Follow through.
Real understanding even over presumed harmony.
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Practice Stewardship

Support individual growth. Promote human flourishing. Regenerate what you take.
Embrace the long view even over chasing quick wins.

Our History

Box of Crayons was founded by Michael Bungay Stanier in July 2002. After a series of jobs didn’t pan out, Michael decided it was time to create his own work, work that could truly help people and make a difference in our fast-paced and ever-changing world.

And just like that, Box of Crayons was born. 

Over the early years, business activities varied from executive coaching to innovation training, and too many other specialities in between. It became very clear that Box of Crayons needed to narrow its focus. We closed down the executive coaching and consulting arms, and began concentrating primarily on learning and development, focusing on practical coaching skills for busy managers. There was a focus on the overwhelmed and overdependent managers because we knew by helping them, we’d be helping entire organizations free up capacity, improve productivity and fight burnout. 

The publication of The Coaching Habit in 2016 changed things again. It brought Box of Crayons to the attention of a wider range of clients. The business quadrupled when Box of Crayons formed an in-house sales team supported by an expanded operations team, making it possible to become an organization capable of meeting the requests of a newly interested and expanding client base.

In mid-2019 further changes ensued, Shannon Minifie became the new CEO of Box of Crayons, as Michael stepped into the Founder role. Box of Crayons redefined its mission in order to go beyond coaching skills training. We knew there was more to be done. With the rallying vision of helping organizations move from “advice-driven to curiosity-led”, Box of Crayons now focuses its attention on partnering with large, global organizations, delivering our programs in multiple formats across whole enterprises to drive cultural transformation.

Companies now come to us because they want to establish a high-performance culture, cultivate a growth mindset in their organizations and increase accountability in their people while preserving employee experience. The organizations we partner want to bring out the best in people, and so do we. 

We do this by unleashing coach-like curiosity.

Diversity, Equity, Accessibility & Inclusion

We support human flourishing.

We hold a core value to practice stewardship, and believe that organizations thrive when the people within them are cared for, honoured and acknowledged. We believe that staying curious and always remembering humility allows us to be open to learning new things, and makes it okay to fail and learn from those failures.

Our values tell us to assume positive intent, regenerate what we take, meet others where they are and support individual growth, and we acknowledge and are sensitive to structural oppression or privilege within our organization as well as with the clients we serve. Every day, we deepen our thinking and continue working harder to serve the needs of others.

We’re a culture committed to diversity and the equitable treatment of all. We want to be inclusive and accessible since we know that through voice-share, we are strengthened and made better by our collective experiences.

What have we done to help make our organization a better, fairer, more open and inclusive space in which to learn and work? Here are some examples of the strides we’ve made so far:

  • Formed optional internal action and accountabilities group, who focus on continuous education and resource sharing, so we’re always learning, growing and assessing how we can be better.
  • Engaged external specialists who audited our programs, materials and website to ensure we’re being equitable, accessible, inclusive and always putting psychological safety first.
  • Ran internal anti-bias, discriminations and micro-aggressions training for our staff and program leaders.
  • Updated hiring process, including job postings and interviews, to include consistent questions across candidate screening. Varied panels help eliminate bias and offer transparency in how we onboard.
  • Socialized anti-oppression, anti-harassment and violence, accessibility and equal opportunity policies and made them widely available for all staff to read and acknowledge. 
  • Doubled down on the flexibility of our distributed work from home culture and work hours, including unlimited vacation, benefits, wellness culture initiatives and a 4-day work week to offer employees quality of life options and holistic support. 
  • Engaged translation vendors and consulted with in-region contacts to validate language choices within social contexts.
  • Conducted a compensation review and crafted a new compensation philosophy based on equity, so we’re treating our individual contributors with the respect and dignity owed to them. 


And what else? There’s a whole lot more we want and plan to do upcoming. This work is never done, and we’re always learning how to be better. In the future, we want to hold space to:

  • Continue to learn from experts and remember that setting a standard for how we treat one another is an ongoing journey and not a destination.
  • Improve upon racial diversity in hiring and equitable treatment for all.
  • Support on a pro-bono basis groups and/or organizations who are aligned with our values and seek to make a positive difference in the world by supporting underrepresented communities.
Have any questions or feedback about the accessibility of our services? Please email us at accessibility@boxfocrayons.com.

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