Michael offers four tips for getting the most from your copy of Get Unstuck & Get Going.

MP3 Audio Recordings

In these 11 short (but sweet) recordings. Michael shares some insights and tools to help you get the most from your copy of Get Unstuck & Get Going. Each recording is about three minutes long.

  1. Stuck is – Get clear on what triggers feeling stuck – it’s not just the big things – and what it feels like. Three strategies for managing the stuck state.
  2. Unstuck is – Getting unstuck is useful in the immediate moment so you get moving again. But it also helps with a bigger issue than that.
  3. Overview – The Action Acceleration Sheet is what makes Get Unstuck such a powerful tool. Here’s why.
  4. Define the challenge – It’s hard to underestimate just how important this is. Two practical ways to get clear on what the real issue is.
  5. Decant what’s there – It’s really hard to have new ideas until you’ve emptied out the ideas you’ve already got.
  6. Generating new ideas – Three ways to make the very most of Get Unstuck’s funky flip sections.
  7. Making a choice – Having ideas is not enough. Here are the three questions to ask yourself before you pick an idea.
  8. What will get in the way? – Drilling down into the barriers that might stop you doing what you want to do
  9. What support do you need? – Overcome the ‘superman syndrome’ and draw on three different types of support to help you get unstuck.
  10. Accountability – The last box of the Action Acceleration Sheet can make the difference between success and failure.
  11. Additional resources – Here are a bunch of additional free resources you can use to help you on your quest to get unstuck.