25 Essential Skills. 25 Extraordinary Speakers.

You know how there’s some work you do that makes a difference, creates an impact and has real meaning … and then there’s all the other stuff? Wouldn’t it be great if you could do more of the first type of work? And less of the second?  If you’re a time-crunched manager, we’ve gathered an amazing faculty together for the Great Work MBA to help you do more of the work that matters (and still have a life).

Like an MBA. But Faster. And Better. And More Fun.
And Much Much Much Cheaper

25 extraordinary thinkers share their very best insights and tools to help you increase your focus, your smarts and your impact. This is a virtual conference. All you’ll need is a screen and a connection, and you’ll get access to some of the smartest and most practical guides to Great Work you can find.
Whether it’s TED superstar Brené Brown, New York Times best-seller Chris Brogan, CEO-confidant Roger Martin or Academy Award winner and Director of Pixar ‘s Brave, Brenda Chapman, we’ve hand picked people we’re sure have something important and useful to offer you. Download a one page description of the Great Work MBA here.

I am the IT Manager in a small distribution and manufacturing company. My customers are sales people, marketers, and designers, as well as back office folks. I came to this seminar hoping for some tips on being a more influential manager with the executives, and a more inspiring manager with my employees.

Even if I never see the presentations again, I bought the seminar because I felt that the value was so great.

I loved how the interview format worked, the speakers gave great ideas but you did a fabulous job summing it up and rephrasing into concrete ideas and actions. I also loved the “write down 2 ideas” and “write down 1 action” steps. It really helped me to formulate how I would apply the ideas presented.

Tanya D

Go beyond Knowledge to Actionable Wisdom

Hearing fantastic content is a great start, and with our 25 fantastic speakers you’ll certainly get that. But converting it into “next-day ready” actions is another matter. That’s why at the end of each day, we’ve gathered senior leaders from such organizations as Twitter, PwC, GE and Apple to help you review and extract the real value from each talk. These leaders will be sharing best practices from their own organizations, as well as talking about habits and tactics they’ve developed to increase their own impact.
When you purchase the Great Work MBA you’ll get:

  • video (mp4)of each talk
  • audio (mp3)of each talk
  • .pdf transcripts of each talk
  • a one-page sketchnote of each talk
  • 30-day ecourse
  • Great Work MBA completion certificate

Meet the faculty

Take a look below at each of the 25 fantastic speakers of the Great Work MBA faculty. And then click on them if you’d like to learn more about just why I invited each of the terrific people to be part of this great event.

Day 1: Ground Yourself Day 2: Influence Others Day 3: Connect to Purpose Day 4: Refine Your Skills Day 5: Practice Deeply
The Great Work MBA Faculty
Chris Brogan

mensch and author of the NYT best-seller The Trust Equation on: How to Trust Yourself

Sally Hogshead

surgeon-general on personal branding and author of Fascinate on: How to Fascinate

Pam Slim

helping people escape cubicle nation and author of Your Body of Work on: How to Find Your Roots

Roger Martin

confidant of CEOs and author of Playing to Win on: How to Stay Strategic

Josh Kaufman

dean of the Personal MBA and author of The First 20 Hours on: How to Learn Fast

Nilofer Merchant

TED talker and author of The New How on: How to Embrace Your Only-ness

Les McKeown

Inc. columnist and author of The Synergist, on: How to Know Your Role

James Slezak

sustainability maven and Partner of Purpose.com on: How to Create a Movement

John Jantsch

master of duct tape marketing and author of The Commitment Engine on: How to Create Clarity

Peter Sims

Silicon Valley hub and author of Small Bets on: How to Fail Fast

Tim Sharp

positive psychology frontiersman and Australia’s Dr Happy on: How to Stay Happy

Brenda Champman

director of Brave and champion of real princesses, on: How to Stay True

Scott Harrison

founder of charity: water on: How to Engage Key Supporters

Jill Konrath

sales tactician and author of SNAP Selling on: How to Sell Your Ideas

Bill Jensen

corporate maverick and hacker and author of Disrupt! on: How to Hack the System

Eileen McDargh

a Global Guru World Top 30 Leadership Expert, on: How to Cultivate Radical Resiliency

Scott Stratten

kind of a big deal on Twitter and author of Unmarketing on: How to Engage

Joan Garry

former co-chair of Barack Obama’s LGBT Finance Committee on: How to Share a Vision

Mitch Joel

blogger, provocateur and author of Ctrl-Alt-Delete on: How to be Digital

Eric Klein

founder of the Wisdom Heart school and creator of The Meditation Habit on: How to Stay Mindful

Danielle LaPorte

white hot spark and author of the The Firestarter Sessions on: How to be Courageous

Mark Bowden

the Orc General from Lord of the Rings and author of Winning Body Language on: How to Persuade

Jeff Klein

champion for conscious capitalism and author of Working for Good on: How to Turn Purpose into a Practice

Beth Comstock

CMO of GE, on: How to Lead Innovation

Brené Brown

TED legend & author of Daring Greatly on: How to Choose Courage over Comfort

Debrief Pairing
Michael debriefs Day 1 with Carl Oxholm, partner at pwc and Luciana Duarte, Apple University Michael debriefs Day 2 with Alex Craddock, Head of Nth American Marketing for VISA and Melissa Daimler, Head of Learning for Twitter Michael debriefs Day 3 with Lee Murphy, HR partner at Nokia and Emily Moore, Head of Water at Hatch Michael debriefs Day 4 with Glynn Brasington, Country Manager of Pitney Bowes Japan and Roxanne Hill, Manager of Instructional Design and Delivery at Constellation Brands Michael debriefs Day 5 with Mary Ellen Rogahn, Program Manager Coaching for GE and Michael Leckie, RVP of Gartner

Is this going to help me?

At Box of Crayons, I spend much of my time working with people who are probably a lot like you. They’re people who want to make a difference, who want to do work that has some meaning … and who feel overwhelmed and time-crunched. They’re asking themselves, “How do I have more impact … but not work any harder than I already do?”

And I’ll be blunt. It’s no easy thing to do more Great Work. Your organization is set up to deliver the reliable, solid and predictable Good Work. That’s a critical part of the mix, for sure. But can you imagine the difference if you, your team and your organization were all doing 10% more Great Work, rather than just trying to stay on top of the Good Work? I spent months asking, pleading and sometimes badgering the people who are now the Great Work MBA faculty to participate. There are TED superstars, numerous best-selling authors and smart, practical thinkers. They can and they do charge big money for their services … and you can get some of their best insights and strategies for a bargain price. The Great Work MBA is run in partnership with my friends at en*theos, a fantastic organization set up by Brian Johnson, whose goal is to help you optimize your life and change the world. I can buy into that, and that’s exactly why I’ve created the Great Work MBA conference for you. I do hope you’ll join us.