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  • transcripts (.pdf) of each talk
  • one-page sketch notes of each talk
  • 30-day eCourse
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Don’t Take Our Word For It

I thought a few of the sessions might apply to my work… but I was wrong. I was able to gather something from every speaker that I listened to and apply it to my own situation.
Susan G

I really loved Michael’s interview style with the different presenters instead of it feeling like a pre-empted written out workshop, I felt like the folks were spontaneous, talked about the things they really knew and were passionate about, but in a very relaxed way … and Michael asked the questions that most of the folks listening would want answers to.

Keeping the time limit to 27 minutes (not 30!) was effective and made all the sessions move quickly and I felt like the most important and essential information was brought to the fore.

Barb B S

The interview format was an interesting revelation for me. I had initially thought that watching these videos would be a bit like a TED talk but actually being involved in a conversation was much richer than only hearing a talk. I had also initially thought that 30 minutes may be a little too long and maybe if it had been a talk it would have been but as a conversation it was very effective.

I think this is the first time I have watched recorded conversations where participants are not in the same room and was also pleasantly surprised how effective that was too. The format has broadened my view of what can be achieved when technology is well utilised.


I attended (and purchased) the Great Work MBA…what a great offering to the world. You are a particularly accomplished interviewer; you have a skilled way of drawing out the interviewee, share your own knowledge and values without ego, and keep everything on time. I particularly like the way you asked people to write down their two main learnings and make a commitment to action. And you might be interested to know I used your MBA debrief sheet for a summit I was helping facilitate back in November. Thanks for all you do.


What I found most interesting and helpful was that the majority of starting points/perspectives regarding our work converged around what keeps us engaged, connected, creative, and curious.

I’m fussy and well versed on these topics but you not only delivered – you blew me away with invaluable information, inspiration and ignition!