Coaching for Great Work

Coaching for Great Work®

This program was brought in to give our key managers across the country the coaching skills needed to sustain the cultural and behavioural change we needed. It’s the simplicity and immediate applicability of the material that is very refreshing. I’m delighted with the impact the program has had on our people and what they’re doing as a result (and frankly, I’m not easily delighted).

Jim Campbell, Senior Manager, Learning and Development, Hudson’s Bay Company

Change the Way You Lead Forever

To have a significant impact on your organization’s performance, your managers need a coach-like leadership style and the ability to have sustained coaching conversations with their teams. However, today’s time-strapped managers and leaders often find themselves defaulting to an old-school management approach: tell rather than ask. But solving problems instead of helping people find their own solutions perpetuates bottlenecks and fire-fighting. And managers are continually finding themselves stuck with just too much stuff on their plate.

Theory, models and exhortations to “do more coaching” aren’t going to make a difference. We need to help managers and leaders develop the coaching skills, insights and support that will change their behaviour so that coaching becomes a habit — and a regular and useful part of their management repertoire.

What If Managers Could Change the Way They Lead?

We help managers, executives and leaders understand how and why they’re so quickly and easily tempted to jump in and be the advice giver and the problem solver — and the price that they (and the employees they’re managing) pay for this. With this new understanding, it becomes easier for them to disarm the “advice hair-trigger” so that managers can use their coaching skills when the occasion calls for them.

We equip your managers with a range of practical next-day-ready coaching tools to increase focus, engagement and impact. This full-day program assumes that your leaders have made coach-like leadership a habitual part of the way they manage and that they’re now looking to dive a bit deeper.

3 Key Components

3 Coaching Moments

To easily create sustainable aha! moments.

1 Focus Tool

To fight the overwhelm and increase capacity.

7 Traps to Avoid

To neatly sidestep challenges to coaching.

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Why Coaching for Great Work Is Different

Here are key ways Coaching for Great Work separates itself from the competition.

  • Managers learn how to use coaching as a catalyst for growth.

    Everyday coaching becomes a powerful mechanism for getting things done, driving employee engagement and higher organizational performance.

  • It develops coaching mastery.

    Coaching for Great Work builds on knowledge from The Coaching Habit program, and goes deeper, ingraining coaching as a way of being rather than acting.

  • It boosts manager and team impact.

    Coaching for Great Work drives productivity, efficiency and impact by building the discipline to find and focus on the core challenge. Rather than being distracted by the first challenge that shows up, participants learn to uncover the real challenge.

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