The 5 Question Leader

The 5 Question Leader®

Success for us is if people leave this 5 Question Leader program and start speaking this language, we're talking about a culture shift. One participant left the session and immediately put the coaching skills into practice: they approached an employee to have a conversation they'd been dreading and avoiding ... and it went really well!

Susanne Wodar, Manager, Employee Development, Sheridan College

Kickstart coaching NOW

Why does it take so long to get your managers coaching?

Despite many initiatives, most coaching training doesn’t stick in today’s busy workplaces.

Managers and leaders find themselves stuck in three vicious circles. They’re frustrated by teams that have become overdependent on them. They’re overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to do. And they’re disconnected from their own Great Work — the work that has impact, the work that has meaning.

Sound familiar?

Make Your Managers More Coach-Like

At Box of Crayons, we don’t make coaching something that is added on to a manager’s already full schedule — we give managers the tools to make coaching part of their everyday repertoire.

In a 90-minute workshop, your managers and leaders will learn how to be more coach-like and be able to support their teams through consistent and ongoing feedback. We share practical ways to slay “the advice monster” and foster autonomous, accountable teams. Your people will also learn a proven framework for more productive, engaging conversations.

The workshop can be offered as a standalone session, as a complement to a conference or as a powerful introduction to The Coaching Habit program.

3 Key Components

5 Essential Questions

To kickstart in-the-moment coaching.

3 Ways to Break the Vicious Circles

To support autonomous teams

1 Core Behaviour Change

To ensure that coaching sticks

Start a conversation!

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Why The 5-Question Leader is Different

Here are key outcomes our clients have achieved with this program.

  • “I’ve Got This!”

    With deceptively simple, quick-to-master questions, your people get next-day-ready skills to embed coaching into their daily routine.

  • It’s Practical

    For the first time, managers see coaching as more possible and less burdensome, more useful and less faddish.

  • Coaching as an Everyday Habit

    Your people learn how to ask better questions for more informal — and more frequent — in-the-moment coaching conversations.

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