Great Work Interviews

BJ Fogg

In this Great Work Interview, BJ Fogg (one of the biggest names in behaviour change) and I discuss how to practise and build positive habits – habits that serve you well.
Listen in as BJ and I discuss:

  • How technology is used to influence our behaviour
  • Why motivation isn’t necessary to change simple behaviours
  • The importance of the trigger in behaviour modification
  • How to turn existing behaviours into triggers for positive habits
  • Why a lack of motivation isn’t to blame for failing to adopt a new habit
Listen to my interview with BJ Fogg.


Charles Duhigg

Here’s a statistic that will probably shock you: about 40% of everything you do is out of habit. So if you stop to think about it, almost half of your life is happening when you are largely unconscious working off neural patterns and instincts. If this worries you, and it should, you will love my conversation with Charles Duhigg, author of a fantastic book, The Power of Habit.
I’m thrilled to talk with Charles as we explore:

  • Why the military is one of the biggest habit experiments in the world
  • How toothpaste became a daily habit
  • Building awareness of habits and how to change them
  • What organizations can do to create habits around innovation
Listen to my interview with Charles Duhigg