How Our Programs Work Together

How Our Programs Work Together

All of our programs are standalone programs — but we have some ideas about how they best work together, depending on the challenges you’re facing, the skills your people currently have and the impact you want to make in your organization.

Most Clients Begin with The Coaching Habit.

The Coaching Habit is an introductory program suitable for all levels of management. This half-day workshop is aimed at managers and leaders who aren’t in the regular habit of coaching the people they lead. This might be because they’re new to the role, or it might be because there has not been an emphasis previously on creating a coaching culture.

No matter what the reason is for starting here, this program gives managers and leaders the insights they need into the effectiveness of coach-like leadership to ensure their commitment to changing their behaviour and developing a new coaching habit.

Often The Last Feedback Workshop You’ll Ever Need Is Next

This half-day workshop and 108-day support program gives managers the tools they need to have effective, engaging and ongoing feedback conversations. Almost everyone these days is talking about rethinking their performance-appraisal system. The Last Feedback Workshop doesn’t claim to have the definitive answer, but it does show how more coach-like behaviour helps solve problems arising from difficult conversations. It helps managers give more timely feedback, something all employees are asking for.

This program provides the time and space for managers and leaders to acquire the practical skills needed to prepare for a feedback conversation. They learn how to get clear on what they have to say, and then they generate tactics for making sure that how (and when) they say it is most optimal, according to the neuroscience of engagement, for the recipient of the feedback.

Coaching for Great Work Helps Develop Coaching Mastery

This full-day workshop is a foundational program for mid-level to senior leaders, elaborating on the distinction between coaching for performance and coaching for development. It can follow The Coaching Habit or The Last Feedback Workshop. Leaders learn how to recognize the three key coaching moments, and how to incorporate the conversations needed in those moments into their everyday workflow. Coaching for Great Work is a deeper dive into how to lead great coaching conversations.

Once your managers have solved the problem of having an overdependent team — and, in the process, solved the problem of their own overwhelm — they’ll be finding themselves with the capacity to focus once again on the work that has more impact and more meaning.

The Five Question Leader Is a Powerful Introduction and Alignment Tool

In a 90-minute workshop, your managers and leaders get a kickstart on how to be more coach-like and support their teams through consistent and ongoing feedback. We share practical ways to slay the “advice monster” and foster autonomous, accountable teams. Your people will also learn a proven framework for more productive, engaging conversations.

This workshop can be offered as a standalone session for senior management — run in tandem with The Coaching Habit as an alignment tool to ensure a common language among senior and middle managers. It is also an excellent complement to a conference, or a powerful introduction to The Coaching Habit program.

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