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What Our Clients Say

“The biggest win for me was the sheer number of ‘aha moments.’ One of the eye-openers was recognizing that any conversation is a coaching opportunity and it’s not just reserved for development conversations or weekly one-on-ones. And, we have the tools to avoid the trap of just giving tons of advice!”
Mary Simone, Senior Director, Capital One

The feedback I received from the team was that this wasn’t your typical training session. They didn’t receive a large binder of course material or be subject to Death by PowerPoint. It was simple, easy to understand, easy to use concepts and a lot of interaction during the course itself. Our Sales Management Team is made up of individuals with varying backgrounds and tenure. There wasn’t a single participant that came back and said that the training wasn’t relevant or that they didn’t see where they could use it on a daily basis working with their own team. This will become part of the way we manage the business going forward.”
Peter Ronan, VP Direct Sales, Ricoh Canada

Based on my professional experience in the OD arena, I know programs have to be useful and practical. And if I think about other learning workshops I’ve attended that seemed good at the time … now I couldn’t even tell you what they were about. I expect to see results immediately … and with this program [The Last Feedback Workshop] I did. When people start using the language from the workshop and they demonstrate an understanding, I know that the learning resonated and has stuck. We’ve seen an immediate ability to use the tools from the session.
Marie Crea Dir. Talent Acquisition & Talent Management, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield NJ

Our Clients

We’ve had the pleasure of working with many outstanding organizations over the years.