The Truth & Lies of Performance Management

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Section 2: The Three Questions to Start Your Revolution

Looking to evolve performance management? This section of The Truth & Lies of Performance Management report shares three key questions to ask before you begin.

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Section 1: Is the Revolution Real?

Rumours, myths, half-truths. Over-emphasized successes and hidden failures. We know something is happening, but we’re not always sure what it is. What if we could find out what was really going on?

Download this section to discover:

  • Initial findings from original research, asking more than 120 organizations what’s really going on with Performance Management.
  • Just how radical is this revolution? What’s changing … and what isn’t?
  • The two “big wins” places where every organization should focus their efforts.

Section 2: The Three Questions to Start Your Revolution

You’re determined to move your performance management process out of the past and into the future. Where do you begin? Three deceptively simple questions will help you gain clarity.

Download this section to discover:

  • The one tough question every leader needs to ask before implementing Performance Management change.
  • What role “shadow ratings” play in the appraisal game.
  • How to balance the tension between pay and performance.

Section 3: Two Levers for Change

The road to performance management change is anything but smooth. You can expect speed bumps, the odd wrong turn and even a barrier or two. There’s a high probability you’ll get stuck somewhere along the way.

Release Date: February 20, 2018

Section 4: How to Make Coaching Work

Giving your managers coaching skills is a powerful way to engage your people and drive impact throughout the business. But it’s proven to be hard to make coaching “stick.”

Release Date: February 22, 2018

Section 5: Performance Management Stories

Statistics show you the trends, and help manage your biases with data. But stories show you the scars and the hard-won wisdom of those who’ve walked the path to implement new performance management processes.

Release Date: February 26, 2018

Section 6: Putting It All Together

Looking back at the research and interviews, we extract six insights, trends and practices that are worth noting.

Release Date: March 06, 2018

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