Hard Won Wisdom to Help Your People Thrive

Are you looking to help your teams call forth their very best and do more Great Work?

In this highly practical and actionable report, you’ll get everyday tactics to help your people thrive, from 17 of the best in the business, including Olympic gold medalists, bestselling business book authors, leading executive coaches, and senior leaders from Facebook, Pret a Manger, Walmart and more. These gems of hard-won wisdom are divided into three strategies, each with a debrief to see how you can apply the knowledge. You’ll also get a number of useful “top-shelf” resources.

Hard Won Wisdom


​This is a quick, entertaining read that offers up powerful insights. The three key strategies and the succinct, powerful examples will really help managers understand the value and opportunity in their role to empower and help employees thrive. Personally, I love resources such as this where I can flip open to a page at random and know I will find a powerful concept or a provocative question that challenges me to think, reframe, and then act in a more thoughtful (and ultimately effective) way. Cindy Lecky, Senior Manager, Learning & Development


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