1. We do one thing really well

We don’t offer a thousand shades of leadership and an endless variety of programs. Instead, we’ve chosen to focus on one thing and do it really well. We teach 10-minute coaching so your managers build stronger teams and get better results. Our simple goal is to have the very best coaching program there is.

2. Our training doesn’t feel like training

Too often managers and leaders dread training. They can already imagine the work piling up, while they’re stuck in a room experiencing a program that’s a little slow, a little boring and a little disconnected from reality. We’ve worked hard to create the learning experience that we’d love to attend. Led by engaged master facilitators, all of our programs are highly interactive, engaging and fun. We pass the ultimate test: people don’t check their email while they’re in the room.

3. We don’t fight reality

We know the people who attend our programs are busy managers. They’re over-connected, overcommitted and overwhelmed. We start with this: coaching should be an everyday activity that can take 10 minutes or less to complete. Then we show them how this approach to coaching is about transforming what they do rather than adding to it. We want people to work less hard but have more impact.

4. We’re all about the behaviour change

We want our participants to change the way they work. It’s not enough for people to have a vague-ish action list and good intentions at the end of the program. Box of Crayons teaches a powerful method that draws upon psychology, behavioral economics and neuroscience. People leave our programs with three to five specific new habits they intend to complete, as well as a range of accountability structures to help increase the odds that they will.

5. We want to be a small part of the bigger plan

We know that training needs to be part of a bigger plan — a change plan, a business initiative, a leadership upgrade — to have any real impact. We want to be a strategic contributor, not just something to tick off a list. We’re always looking to partner with our clients to find the bigger game, and to make sure that what we offer best contributes to that.

6. We obliterate the forgetting curve

Even the best workshops are up against the forgetting curve. People start to forget as soon as they walk out of the room. As well as the coaching program materials (specifically designed to avoid the fate of “filed & forgotten”), managers get comprehensive 120-day post-program support to provide “drip irrigation” after the workshop.