The Coaching Habit Videos

How to build rock-solid habits p. 27

A three part series of videos using monkeys, zombies and an egg all to help
reinforce what you already know about building habits.

How to build rock-solid habits – Part 1

How to build rock-solid habits – Part 2

How to build rock-solid habits – Part 3

How to ask a Great Question p. 33

Starting strong: What’s on your mind? p. 47

If you’re going to coach someone in 10 minutes or less, you’ve got to get to the heart of the conversation quickly. This video share some of the best options on how to begin a conversation effectively.

The One Question That Rules Them All p. 70

With a nod to Lord of the Rings, Michael goes into depth about just what the AWE Question is so powerful.

How to help your team find focus p. 97

We’re all living in a world of overwhelm, where there’s always more to do. This short webinar shows how to give yourself and your team the gift of focus, and work on the stuff that matters.

The TERA Quotient p. 125

How to use the neuroscience of engagement to have people listen to you, understand you, like you and engage with you more.

How to be more helpful (rather than “helpful”) p. 150

Too often our good intentions get in our way. In our attempts to “add value” we end up making life more difficult for ourselves and others. Drawing on the work of Edgar Schein we’ll dig into why being Lazy might in fact be a counterintuitive but powerful way to be more helpful.

The Drama Triangle Recap p. 150

This four part video series goes into more details about the Karpman Drama Triangle,
and how to extract yourself from its grasp!

Drama Triangle: introduction & overview

Drama Triangle: the Victim role

Drama Triangle: the Rescuer role

Drama Triangle: the Persecutor role

Rapid-Fire Strategic Thinking, Planning & Doing p. 176

Everyone wants to “be strategic” even though it’s not always entirely clear what that means. If you’d like to lift your own strategic game, this video will help

How to say No (when you can’t say No) p. 176

Someone once defined strategy as saying No to the stuff what you want to say Yes to. But how do you say No? Here are some tactics and tools to make this difficult behaviour easier.

Make it stick p. 198

If you want insight to stick, you have to make it sticky. This short video shares some simple tools to help people remember.

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