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The Coaching Impact™

Designed to focus on practical remote learning, enabling resilient teams to thrive.

We’re willing to bet that advice is killing your company. Especially now, when the need to be fast and direct is felt more strongly than ever, it’s common for the Advice Monster Habit in all of us to come out. But you pay a price for that: cultures driven by advice-giving, even in the current business climate, disenfranchise people, break down relationships and alignment and impede innovation.

The ability to create a connected and resilient culture is more important than ever.

Practical Frameworks for Coach-Like Curiosity

The Coaching Impact (previously Coaching for Great Work) explores curiosity-led behaviours that will allow participants to hone their potential and help them transform their organizations. Building on the foundations of The Coaching Habit program, which uncovers the “why” of coach-like behaviours, this program provides participants with a step-by-step process within this framework for tackling crucial problems. Participants will experience the power of curiosity to narrow their focus while identifying real challenges, to decant ideas and expand possible solutions, and to create accountability while fostering resilience. This program helps participants develop the insights and skills they need to encourage long-term behaviour change that will drive engagement and increase business impact at all organizational levels.


  • Perfect for distributed learner cohorts. Brings them together across an organization, reaching global audiences.
  • Creates connections: Between newly remote teams.
  • Leverages new ways to drive real learning and behaviour change. Our virtual programs consist of a two-part workshop that enables spaced practice, which guides the practices of reflection and retrieval, both effective ways to deepen the learning.
  • Increases participants’ psychological safety. Patterns of conversation domination and passive participation are often disrupted in a virtual format.
  • Drives new ways of interacting. Including new forms of collaboration and cognitive diversity (aided by chatbox discussions, “hand raises” and virtual breakout rooms).


  • Our virtual instructor-led virtual sessions are highly interactive and engaging.
  • We ensure a high level of interactivity and engagement both by using a platform that promotes frequent interaction and through participant use of program materials and tools during our workshops.
  • Our virtual sessions provide increased psychological safety for those learners, who appreciate the opportunity to communicate virtually rather than in-person.
  • Post-workshop support is provided for participants to embed new tools, skills and behaviours.
  • Increase the likelihood that people are focusing on the right problems.

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