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The value far outweighs the cost. We probably got an easy 10 to 20 times return on our investment, maybe more. Beyond that value, it shaped what the business became. The firm has had double-digit growth every year. And that’s organic double-digit growth. If you talk to people who’ve been there a long time and people who are part of the business that implemented these programs, they would acknowledge what Box of Crayons did.

Regional VP of HR, top consulting firm

Advice is killing your company

We know that curiosity-driven cultures are more resilient, innovative and successful, and yet even the most well-intentioned people find themselves defaulting to advice-giving when their colleagues present them with a challenge. This means that people are often focusing on the wrong challenge, applying the wrong solution and impeding their colleagues’ capacity to develop and contribute.

Practical Frameworks for Coach-Like Curiosity

The Coaching Impact (previously Coaching for Great Work) explores curiosity-led behaviours that will allow participants to hone their potential and help them transform their organizations. Building on the foundations of The Coaching Habit program, which uncovers the “why” of coach-like behaviours, this program provides participants with a step-by-step process within this framework for tackling crucial problems. Participants will experience the power of curiosity to narrow their focus while identifying real challenges, to decant ideas and expand possible solutions, and to create accountability while fostering resilience. This program helps participants develop the insights and skills they need to encourage long-term behaviour change that will drive engagement and increase business impact at all organizational levels.

Key Components

Three Behaviours

Build being coach-like into our everyday behaviour.

Increase Focus

Recognize common distractions that keep people from getting clear about their challenge.

Three Coach-Like Moments

That help people understand and solve challenges that drive results.

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  • It explores further curiosity-led behaviours.

    The Coaching Impact builds on the assumption that participants acknowledge coach-like behaviour as a leadership necessity.

  • It increases autonomy in teams.

    The Coaching Impact encourages teams to communicate, build relationships and innovate with shared focus, by providing the space for people to come to their own solutions.

  • It provides a step-by-step process for tackling crucial problems.

    The Coaching Impact drives productivity, efficiency and impact by building the discipline to find and focus on the core challenge. Rather than being distracted by the first challenge that shows up, participants learn to use curiosity to drive better problem-solving and accountability in their organization.

  • Mitre Corporation
  • UHN

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