Don’t you wish you could work less hard but have more impact?

The bad news is that wishing won’t actually help. The good news is that developing these three new habits will.

In this practical report, we draw on neuroscience, behavioural economics and other research to distill the three essential habits that will make the most difference to you as a time-crunched manager. The first habit is a little counterintuitive for sure … but all three work. Using the New Habit Formula™, we share the step by step process for taking these habits off the page and into the way you work. You’ll also get a secret link to a number of useful resources.

Simply said Michael gets it!
The three Essential Coaching Habits for the Time­Crunched Manager was well worth my time. It is brilliant in its simplicity and is packed with key learning around coaching effectively and how to build new habits more easily than you could imagine. As a truly time-crunched manager, I want quick, practical and effective solutions that any employee can put into practice immediately and this learning delivers. Marie Crea, Director, Talent Acquisition and Talent Management
Horizon BlueCross Blue Shield

If you find yourself putting your coach hat on to deliver the yearly performance review, conduct an annual development conversation, or wait until the unexpected “intervention,” you are leaving valuable opportunities on the table to accelerate the performance of your team. If you truly want to cultivate continuous learning and growth and create a platform for your people do the best work of their careers, you need a coaching habit. You are in luck – this guide delivers it.
Jessica Amortegui, Director of Global Talent Development