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The Great Work Podcast

What if you could do more of the work that made a difference, had meaning and created an impact? (And what if you could also do less of all that other stuff that fills up your day?
In these animated, engaging and practical podcasts, Michael Bungay Stanier shares strategies, talks to thought leaders and provokes you to do less Good Work … and more Great Work.


Dr. Jason Fox Takes a Stand against the Delusion of Progress

July 21, 2017

Dr. Jason Fox is a smart, savvy Australian who brings together insights on  change management and making a difference, self-management and being strategic. And he does it all with a kind of Dungeons & Dragons swagger and pirate sensibility. He’s the author of How to

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Four Ways to Improve a Meeting

July 20, 2017

Pointless. Mind-numbing. Soul-sucking. You know what I’m talking about: meetings. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this video, I share my three favourite f-words that will help you hold better, more useful and more effective meetings, as well

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How to Build a Better Reputation

June 8, 2017

People who have a great reputation tend to succeed, and that often becomes a virtuous circle: success leads to improved reputation; an improved reputation leads to greater success. What are you known for? Discover the distinction between resumé values and

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Marina Darlow Finds Freedom in Systems

June 1, 2017

Are you looking to be more productive? Then settle in for this interview with my guest Marina Darlow. Marina is a project manager and productivity geek. It’s her job to create systems and structures for creative types and entrepreneurs who

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How to Love Your Job a Little Bit More

May 11, 2017

I know there are times when you’re showing up at your job and you’re not as excited as you might be. You’ve kind of lost the zest and the juice of the work you’re doing. If that rings true for you,

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