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The Coaching Habit is available in a variety of formats, designed for different kinds of learners


On Demand: Coach-Like Curiosity

The On-Demand format of The Coaching Habit® is the answer for organizations looking for an enterprise-wide solution. Ideal for dispersed workforces looking to combine self-paced and social learning. It's accessible through your company LMS.

Delivery Specifics

Flexible format for busy, distributed employees
  • 8-hours of self-paced and social learning
  • Cohorts of 2-4 participants (called Crews) practice together outside of the platform
  • Drip released
  • Learners complete each chapter at same time as their cohort
  • Structured reflection on key learnings
  • Does not require a set date/time
  • Learners can come back to the learning and re-experience it as many times as they wish 


On Demand: Customer Focused Communication

Simple, fast, and practical introduction to creating customer centric conversations using coach-like curiosity for retail, sales, customer service, installation or trouble shooting technical roles, and health care workers.

Delivery Specifics

Mobile first, Self-directed learning for anyone in a customer focused role
  • 30 minute total seat time 
  • 3 modules approximately 10 minutes learning time per
  • Customizable drip-released schedule
  • Modules delivered as SCORM packages 
  • Hosted on company learning platform
  • All videos are closed-captioned
  • Practical and flexible tools that can be applied easily and integrated into existing customer service or sales trainings and scripts 
  • Self-paced learning
  • Relevant scenarios specifically for customer-facing roles across a range of different industries 


In-Person: Coach-Like Curiosity

Bring the team together for a day of connection and learning.Perfect add-on to an offsite, retreat or any kind of team gathering.

Delivery Specifics

Facilitated in-person individual and social learning:
  • 6 learning hours
  • Facilitated by a Box of Crayons’ program leader 
  • Hosted on-site or at client arranged location
  • Social learning in paired and triad practice 
  • Digital or print, fillable worksheets for metacognition and reflection 
  • Works well as a companion to an offsite or retreat
  • Allows for a complete experience in a single day, lowering attrition
  • Creates opportunities (breaks, lunch, before/after the program) for relationship-building 
  • High-touch experience that research shows employees value highly 


Virtual: Coach-Like Curiosity

Bring a remote team together for real-time learning.Multi-session structure is a proven way to increase retention and allow for practice between sessions. Interactive so the team is connecting and learning together.

Delivery Specifics

Connect your remote teams through a shared learning experience:
  • 2 x 3-hour facilitated sessions  delivered via video conference
  • Recommended delivery timeline: 1 session per week for 2 weeks
  • Facilitated by a Box of Crayons’ program leader
  • Moderated by GP Strategies
  • Social learning in paired and triad breakout discussions 
  • Ongoing group chat conversations and directive prompts 
  • Group debrief discussions 
  • Digital, fillable worksheets

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both formats cover the same content and offer the same number of facilitated hours. The differences are in the way we structure the time. In-person deliveries happen over the course of a single day, whereas the virtual delivery is chunked into two sessions, delivered on different days. In both formats, we’ve structured the delivery so that we’re making the most of what each format has to offer. 

We do offer train-the-trainer accreditation for in-house facilitators to deliver our content. We’ve created successful train the trainer programs with organizations who are engaging in enterprise-wide culture change, including EllisDon and Upwork.

We do not offer coaching services of any kind or programs for individuals. Our sister company, offers classes and an extensive library of resources for individuals. In addition, our partner, Rotman School of Management offers The Coaching Habit training for individuals.

We have accredited Program Leaders based in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Currently, our learning experiences are offered in English and French. Additional localization and translation services can be scoped through our Program Plus option.

We offer licensing options and support for companies that would like to use The Coaching Habit content in more customized ways. We also offer additional services through our Program Plus options.

We do! Our CEO, Dr. Shannon Minifie and other members of our team are available for keynotes and other speaking opportunities.

Looking for multiple learning formats?

Our learning experiences are ideal for complex global organizations. We can help you combine learning experiences and formats to create opportunities across the organization to understand and practice coach-like curiosity and to help build a workplace wide habit.