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Good people management is crucial. And from what the data is showing, we could all use a little help. According to a October 2023 survey conducted by The Harris Poll, American employees say their bosses do a poor job providing growth opportunities (25%), communicating feedback (21%) and accepting feedback (24%). Managing people is a hard job but we can make it easier.


Turn your challenges into advantages

Managers need to develop their own skills so they can help the people they are responsible for develop theirs.


    Elevate your leaders by helping them learn how to communicate more intentionally. Shift communication from reactive responses to clear, impactful dialogues. Save time, and reduce confusion, and increase clarity.


    Equip your people managers with a skill that transforms their ability to give and receive feedback. Staying curious longer creates understanding of needs and experiences. Enhance the power of feedback by eliminating extraneous bias and building psychological safety and trust.


    Curiosity acts as a powerful deterrent to micromanagement, disrupting the draining cycle of overwhelm. Embracing curiosity forces a pause in the rush to action, reducing the drive to 'do it all' and transforming overdependent teams into empowered problem-solvers. 


    Most well-intentioned people managers find themselves jumping in quickly when people come to them with a challenge. Adding to their overwhelm while disempowering others. Sound familiar? Help your people managers learn how to make space for the work that matters.


The Coaching Habit: Coach-like Curiosity

Many common workplace problems share root cause: Advice-giving. While well-meaning, the habit of rushing in with an answer or suggestion creates unintended consequences that show up in sneaky ways.

The Coaching Habit starts by helping people managers recognize their advice-giving style – what we call the Advice Monster Habit. Then we introduce an alternative habit and new questions to help people get clear, to create possibilities and to spark the right kind of action.

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Build a better habit

Join more than 100,000 managers in practicing the skill of coach-like curiosity.

  • New People Managers

    Starting your new managers off with good habits will save energy, time, and money later.

  • Established People Managers

    The world has changed. Give your seasoned managers the tools to adapt.

  • Aspiring People Managers

    Career development and mobility options are essential for retention. Give your next generation leaders a lift.

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Deep Dive

Why your new people managers need to stop giving advice

Effective managers spend less time giving advice and more time asking questions. Here are four ways asking questions improves your leadership skills and develops more productive teams.

Have more questions? Great!

That’s part of what it means to be curious.