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Billy Anderson Billy Anderson Billy Anderson Billy Anderson
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Billy Anderson

Billy has been on a lifelong journey of uncovering the secrets to motivation, passion and purpose.  The founder of The Courage Crusade, he has been coaching executives for 15 years, specializing in courageous leadership and communication.  The author of Your Comfort Zone Is Killing You, Billy also writes for the Careers section in the Globe and Mail, specializing in effective communication.

Billy continually finds way to build his own courage “muscle” through world travel and adrenaline sports such as bungee jumping, skydiving and swimming with sharks. He has led over 30 wilderness leadership trips for Outward Bound Canada, as well as humanitarian projects in Central America and the South pacific. Billy has a business degree from Carleton University and a coaching designation from the International Coach Federation.

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Billy took the entire organization including the Board of Directors through his interactive, insightful and fun values workshops to help us define our new organizational values. He then helped us incorporate them throughout the organization and translate them into behaviours which we can then hold each other accountable to.Leanne Nicole – Executive Director, Canadian Olympic Foundation
Your guidance, energy and thought-leadership were exactly what we needed to uncover our values and set the stage for so many fun and significant decisions that lie ahead. Thanks again so much for doing what you do – it really made a difference!Joanne Fletcher
- Senior Brand Director, Life is Good Canada
I now listen better which allows me to see what’s important to my team. I ask more open-ended questions, getting them to think more and own their agenda.Giancarlo, Director of Support Services, Ontario Shores Mental Health
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Anne Beaudry

A fluently bilingual team facilitator and executive coach with over 20 years of experience in the corporate world, Anne is known for her intuitive style, her humour, her ability to get to the heart of the matter and her passion for challenging people to move beyond their comfort zones.
Her core competencies of team development and executive coaching focus on creating workplaces in which people thrive, teams excel and organizations prosper. She specializes in leadership development, helping clients to overcome the internal obstacles preventing them from achieving peak performance and to develop the key competencies needed to maximize their effectiveness in managing their workforce.

A strong believer that every individual has an inherent uniqueness and strength, Anne uses dynamic coaching interactions to leverage and deepen the client’s awareness of themselves and others. She does so by creating an environment of self-learning and discovery, providing the tools and resources to help clients achieve both personal and professional excellence, along with the follow-through and accountability necessary to ensure that the knowledge imparted and gained is seamlessly incorporated in the newly discovered way of operating.

Anne guides her clients in designing lives that truly reflect who they are and in creating success on their own terms by helping them question assumptions without judgment, identify their purpose and calling in life, and mobilize the courage to pursue it. These are the fundamental keys to her results-oriented approach.

Anne holds a bachelor of fine arts from York University in Toronto, a master’s degree in theology from the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio and a licentiate in moral theology from the Alfonsian Academy in Rome. She is registered with the International Coaching Federation, is certified by the Coaches Training Institute, has completed the systems/organizations training program offered by the Center for Right Relationship and is a trained facilitator and administrator of both the Team Coaching International and the Leadership Circle diagnostic tools.

Hélène Bellerose Hélène Bellerose Hélène Bellerose Hélène Bellerose
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Hélène Bellerose

Hélène has dedicated the last 20 years of her professional life to mastering her crafts – facilitation and coaching. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CTI) who knows that coaching makes a difference in people’s lives. She loves to share this with her clients. Hélène has held Sales and Training positions in the corporate world. When she created Voilà Coaching, her vision was to partner with those who see the potential in others, who know that learning is the key to growth, and to do work that she loves.

Hélène is proud to facilitate and coach in French and in English, and enjoys working with groups large and small. Her work takes her across Canada, and to international locations.

When she is not working, Hélène enjoys being active, spending time in nature, and travel. Of all she has done, she is most proud of raising three awesome children.

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Hélène was a very strong facilitator! That's particularly evident from the unsolicited positive feedback we received from a number of the attendees following the session.The learning went deep and people appreciated that. Suzanne Filiatrault, Director,Talent Development, Institute of Communication Agencies
Paul Binnendyk Paul Binnendyk Paul Binnendyk Paul Binnendyk
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Paul Binnendyk

Paul is a corporate training facilitator and coach with over twenty years of work experience in several different industries, holding positions in sales, operations and sales management. The current focus of his facilitation practice is sales and productivity training, as well as coaching for busy managers. He brings high energy and engagement to his workshops, giving participants an experience that helps to drive learning and retention.

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Jamie Broughton Jamie Broughton Jamie Broughton Jamie Broughton
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Jamie Broughton

Jamie Broughton is Canada’s premier expert at growing and leveraging Emerging Leaders in organizations. He has a business degree from the University of Toronto, an Adult Education Certification and various coaching designations. He has been an executive coach for 15 years.

Author of The Emerging Leader, he has addressed audiences across Canada on the topics of leadership and high-performance. In addition, he has written for the HR Professional, Profit Magazine and been featured in The Globe and Mail and on CBC radio. He is the founder of Footprint Leadership and is insatiably passionate about using the Coaching for Great Work methodology to grow leaders in Canadian business.

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Jamie, we were completely thrilled with the outcome of your Do More Great Work session for our company-wide conference. The feedback right across the board from our executives to our admin team was universally positive. It was the perfect mix of inspiration, meaningful content and a lot of laughs, and your ‘spot-on’ facilitation played a huge role in its success. You hit it out of the ballpark for us, thank you! Paul Koreen, Senior Vice President KCL
The session with Jamie was incredible and the group raved long after he left. Jamie was precise as a professor and kind as a mentor – a perfect combo for this group. Stacey Porter, Director, Talent Development Intuitive Surgical
Jamie had a surprising impact on our audience in the very short period of time we gave him. I'd highly recommend him as a speaker to engage your audience! Jeff Muzzerall, Director, Business Development Rotman School of Business
Tina Dias Tina Dias Tina Dias Tina Dias
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Tina Dias

Tina is an ICF Certified Coach and Facilitator with over 25 years of experience holding Director and Executive Director levels in Business Operations and Human Resources. Trained under Coach U with a Master in Leadership from RRU, Tina is certified in: Organizational Workshop (OW) and Merging Cultures, Future Search, Hogan Assessments and Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI). She has spent the last few years coaching executives, high-potentials and entrepreneurs and designing and facilitating leadership and coaching workshops globally. Tina facilitates in both English and French.

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Tina had a deep knowledge of the content, handled the group very well and exhibited a clear understanding of the organization. I will gladly look to use Tina in the future and recommend her to other groups. We had an RVP join us for the session. He was open with his praises for Tina and her delivery to the group. Kathy H. Major IT company
I wanted to let you know that the Altum Health team just finished the Coaching for Great Work Workshop facilitated by Tina Dias and it was more than we could have hoped for. The success of the workshop was truly because of Tina’s ability to engage the team, to be light-hearted, but bold enough to address the elephant(s) in the room. The team all really enjoyed the session and you could feel the energy shift in the room in a very positive way. Meghan Smith, Head of People, Altum Health
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Karen B. Eisenthal

Karen B. Eisenthal is driven by the belief that her clients’ potential is limitless. She provides executive coaching, facilitation and consulting, offering expertise in leadership and management development, cultural competency, communication, conflict management and group and organizational change.

Karen’s passion for and ability to provoke insight, facilitate communication and create an environment of trust, fosters in-depth exploration and learning. She provides clients with the critical tools and strategies necessary to ensure lasting behavioural change, removing roadblocks and empowering them to achieve both individual and business goals. Karen works with clients to increase their emotional intelligence, enabling them to shift their focus from their intentions, to the actual impact of their behaviours. She has worked with corporate and non-profit clients across numerous sectors for more than 25 years.

Previously, As Director of Training & Organizational Development and Acting Vice President of Human Resources for govWorks, Inc., an internet start-up, Karen coached the executive management team, senior and mid-level managers, managed the HR team, and designed and implemented training programs. Karen holds a BA in Communication from the University of Massachusetts, an MA in Intercultural Relations from Lesley College and is continually adding to her professional certifications as a dedicated life-long learner.

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Deseri Garcia

Deseri Garcia is the owner of Vida Aventura, a consulting and coaching company that helps individuals and organizations reach their true potential through team building and leadership development.

Vida Aventura means “adventurous life” in Spanish and, as her company’s name suggests, Deseri is full of passion and a sense of adventure. An avid traveller and adventure-racing athlete, Deseri believes in living her bliss — and teaching others to do the same. She is both a practitioner and advocate of mindfulness techniques, and a yoga instructor, and her goal is to genuinely connect and identify with people in order to help them improve their individual effectiveness.

Before launching Vida Aventura, in Indianapolis, Deseri spent nearly 20 years in corporate America, where she gained invaluable insight into the value of building relationships in the business world. Now as a passionate coach, facilitator and speaker, Deseri works with top-level executives, managers and business owners to provide transformational coaching, team building support and leadership development.

Deseri is an accredited facilitator of 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, is certified by the Association for Challenge Course Technology, holds a certificate from the Coaching Clinic–Corporate Coach U and has a bachelor’s degree in small business entrepreneurship.

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Rachel Gorman

Rachel brings over 25 years of experience coaching, teaching and training, across a wide variety of sectors and industries. She is committed to helping people and businesses thrive by encouraging clients to practice new thinking and behaviours to enhance their communication, energy, engagement, performance, personal brand and work culture.

Rachel is an executive coach and workshop facilitator who has led workshops for groups of all sizes. She prides herself in her ability to connect with individuals at all levels (from the locker room to the board room, from the individual contributor or front line manager, to the C-Suite executive).

Rachel’s high energy, engaging and approachable style is sought after by numerous global clients. She has an M.A. in Social Sciences and is a Positive Psychology practitioner. She lives in New York City with her husband Peter and son West.

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Jonathan Hill

After holding leadership positions for 10 years at Coca Cola and Red Bull, Jonathan founded Catalyst Coaching in 2005 to continue his commitment to making a difference for companies and the individuals within them.  He is an Associate Certified Coach, ICF (International Coaching Federation), and was trained at The Coaches Training Institute in London, UK.

Jonathan’s experience as a coach and facilitator is highly extensive, working with some of the UK most recognized organizations across both the private and public sector, including Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, Tesco, CBRE, Yahoo!, SAP and Microsoft.

He draws on business, psychological and behavioural science principles to help companies become more engaging and inspirational places in which to work, as well as creating real ‘light bulb’ moments of learning for all employees.  His specialities include executive and personal coaching, emotional intelligence development, coaching training for managers, and leading multi-modular leadership development programs.

In his spare time Jonathan is a keen cyclist, dad and a volunteer as a governor at his local primary school.

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Jonathan has delivered the 10 minute coaching module to a number of our junior and senior Directors from across the business. All the sessions went very well and delegates said they found it interesting and enjoyable. Jonathan has a calm and engaging style that brings people into the room and interested in the subject and how it can help them. It was a very productive and worthwhile initiative. Thank you. Catherine Baxendale HR Director, Tesco PLC.
We were a bit apprehensive about the course; we had people who were skeptical about what could be accomplished in a four-hour workshop. But Jonathan captured their imaginations. His style was engaging and effective – he remembered their names, used examples in the debrief discussions that were relevant and customized – we loved the facilitation and feedback has been fantastic. Shona Wylie, Head of HR and Competence Development at Volvo Trucks UK
Leanne Lewis Leanne Lewis Leanne Lewis Leanne Lewis
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Leanne Lewis

Leanne has over 25 years experience in Sales, Sales Management and Management Education. After graduating from the Ivey School of Business at UWO, she joined the faculty and worked as a consultant to businesses in many different industries. She then began a sales career and quickly took on senior leadership positions involving managing all aspects of operations including recruiting, developing and leading an inside and outside sales force. She started her own coaching and facilitation company in 2007 and has delighted clients with her open and engaging facilitation style. Her experience with clients spans many industries including financial services, retail, manufacturing, telecom, and health care.

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Fantastic! High energy, a great sense of humour and she really understood what we were trying to achieve. She clearly is an effective listener because I noticed she was repeating and using the same language that we were using. She was responsive and open to what we had to say. We’re not an easy group to please. Half our company are PhDs and so they are trained to think critically, question everything. We’re all high achievers, and so we are a tough crowd. And she just came in and she just impressed all of us. Winnie Sin, Director HR, Mitacs
Leanne Lewis was a fantastic facilitator! She was able to draw info from people. Helped me to get clarity on how to become a better coach! The Coaching Habit participant, Parmalat Canada
Leanne was engaging and knowledgeable. She was able to draw things out of people. Leanne was able to capture in a short period of time the essence of where we were at and build on that.” Caroline O'Shea, Director, Talent Management, IPEX Group
Cheryl Lower Cheryl Lower Cheryl Lower Cheryl Lower
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Cheryl Lower

With over 25 years’ experience in managing multi-cultural teams, consulting and training, Cheryl has helped organizations execute their strategy in complex, global environments on four continents. She has designed and facilitated seminars on leadership, change management, intercultural training, personal effectiveness, communication and other topics.  She is an accomplished facilitator, having led hundreds of classes and workshops for groups of 3 to 300.

Cheryl has a M.A. in International Management from the School for International Training and a Certificate in Organization Development from the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science.  She is certified in William Bridges Transitions Workshops which help leaders and individual contributors navigate changes. When not working, Cheryl loves being outside with her kids skiing, camping, hiking and running or traveling globally.

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Susan Lynne Susan Lynne Susan Lynne Susan Lynne
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Susan Lynne

Susan is a Master Trainer and Executive Coach. She has facilitated over 1,500 workshop days across Canada and internationally in both French and English, in many industries. She has studied with the CTI and is a graduate of York University, The Transpersonal Therapy Centre, and The New Seminary – World Religions Program. She has extensive experience in Client Relations starting with Kodak Canada and Ontario Training Corporation. After a Director role at McLuhan & Davies Communications, she launched Susan Lynne Development in 2001.

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Evan Smith Evan Smith Evan Smith Evan Smith
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Evan Smith

Evan has worked with organizations for more than 20 years to imagine, create and deploy the ways they work. With a career divided between major roles in corporations, and advisory work with leaders through Metamorphosis Management Group, his favourite work helps leaders grow and shape themselves to lead organizational transitions – bringing reformation, change, learning injections and discoveries of new ways.
As an engineer, he works with people to determine what’s important to measure – and how to go about creating important results; as a humanist, he helps those within the organization to engage, adapt, discover and invent the new futures they’ll inhabit.
He’s been an early stage manager in several startups; worked as a researcher at Harvard’s Kennedy School; and has supported several non-profits in the delivery of solutions and services against critical social challenges. He’s certified in several coaching and leadership development programs including The Leadership Circle, and has worked with high-potential leaders within several university executive education programs.

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