Senior Leaders

Senior leaders shape workplace experience and company culture in ways that cannot be underestimated. By championing change through modeling behavior, creating safety by being willing to risk, and not rushing in with answers and authority, Senior Leaders help develop individuals in ways that make the whole organization stronger.

Senior leaders have the power to cultivate curiosity in themselves, with their colleagues, and throughout their organizations

  • Model Fostering psychological safety at scale begins with companies’ most senior leaders developing and embodying the leadership behaviors they want to see across the organization.

  • Invest Global executives rank adaptability and curiosity as the most important leadership qualities.

    Harvard Business School Leadership in the Digital Era survey
  • Listen Fewer than one in five workers strongly agree that they receive meaningful feedback when they make a suggestion about improving performance.

    Gallup Engagement Resource Guide Q07 
  • Celebrate A genuine 'thank you' from those in the corner offices can ignite a 69% increase in the likelihood of employees bringing extra effort to their work. 

    Great Place to Work® 2023 discretionary effort study

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