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The leadership team I work with has very high expectations whenever their time is committed to training and development. The Coaching Habit Live workshop with Box of Crayons more than exceeded expectations. So much so that at the end of the day, there was an immediate request from several leaders that everyone in our organization receive the same experience. The program consists of very strong content, integrating practical psychological theory to just about every element of the experience. It is all grounded and made relevant to what you are truly experiencing day-to-day as an individual and in a team. More please.

David Masse, Director of Corporate Operations & Human Resources at Grand Challenges Canada

Foundations for Coach-Like Curiosity

The Coaching Habit is our foundational program for waking people up to the power of curiosity. We explore what being coach-like means and participants will experience first-hand how tricky it can be to stay coach-like.

Curious to learn more?

There’s a good chance participants will find themselves in this program because they aren’t asking great questions and they likely have an Advice Monster Habit that they don’t know how to shift. We focus on changing those long-embedded behaviours, and our approach seeks to uncover the rewards for — and risks of — defaulting to our Advice Monster Habit.

Participants walk away with our Seven Essential Questions and a practical tool to transform behaviour from being advice-driven to coach-like and curiosity-led.

3 Key Components

Three Behaviours

To start being more coach-like.

One Practical Tool

To help participants shift their behaviour.

Seven Essential Questions

To help avoid advice-giving and stay curious.

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Why The Coaching Habit Is Different

Here are key ways The Coaching Habit ensures the learning sticks.

  • We teach what it means to be curious in the workplace.

    We bring a new understanding of how curiosity helps us work less hard and have more impact.

  • We focus on behaviour change.

    We developed this program with sustainment and behaviour change in mind, we know why it matters and we get clear on how to form new habits.

  • We teach practical skills, not abstract theory.

    We don’t teach a coaching model but build on the wisdom in the room, so that people leave with insights and skills that are usable and practical for them.

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