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Upskill your people quickly and easily by investing in a skill that unlocks improvement on the most important workplace needs. The Coaching Habit delivers individual learning that strengthens the whole organization.
Join the over 132,000 people practicing the skill of Coach-like Curiosity at organizations around the world.

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Box of Crayon’s flagship training program is inspired by the best-selling book, The Coaching Habit®. It's been implemented at top organizations around the world. 

Learning in Action

Immediate Applications

The Coaching Habit isn't a theoretical exploration of what it means to be coach-like. It's a transformative learning experience that starts the habit change process from the first exercise.

    Psychological Safety

    Coach-like curiosity is one of the skills that contributes to a leader's ability to create psychological safety. Learning how to make space for questions, slow down the rush to judgement, and listen to what people need in order to take risks and move work forward is essential to the success of every person on the team. 

    Conflict Resolution

    Conflict is unavoidable. Smart people who care about their work will inevitably disagree. Complex projects run into challenges and delays that create tension and pressure. The skill of coach-like curiosity helps individuals evaluate their own roles and helps everyone learn how to listen to diffuse and resolve conflict faster. 

    Problem Solving

    Improving problem solving skill starts with learning how to identify the root challenge. Far too often, energy is dedicated in the wrong direction. Coach-like curiosity slows down the rush to action long enough to identify the real challenge so the rest of the problem solving process uses resources and capacity better. 

    Openness to Change

    Coach-like curiosity is a tool that individuals can use to prepare themselves for change as well as to support the doubts and fears that come up in the change process. When people feel prepared, they are more open to risk, to change, and to stick with something new. 

    Cross Functional Collaboration

    Great teams have their own shorthands and styles, it's what connects people and helps them move quickly together. Coach-like curiosity is the skill that all teams can tap into to make cross-functional communication easier and more effective. 

    Innovative Thinking

    Curiosity is a driver of discovery. Coach-like curiosity improves innovation efforts by helping people slow down and identify the real challenge, recognize the person or people impacted, and to learn how to listen to that feedback as part of the innovation process. 


The Benefits of Coach-like Curiosity

We help learners across the entire organization develop their own coach-like curiosity habit. From the C-Suite to people managers to customer-centric roles, coach-like curiosity is a skill that improves individuals in a way that strengthens the whole organization.

  • 974
    Understand coach-like curiosity and how to apply it
  • 1020

    Recognize and manage the Advice Monster Habit

  • 1011

    Learn our Seven Essential Questions and how to use them

  • 3352

    Identify when and how to apply coach-like curiosity in key moments

  • 1001

    Adopt a new approach to creating and maintaining habits

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Available Learning Formats

With different learning formats and learner-specific options, The Coaching Habit® meets the needs of complex organizations.   

  • On Demand

    Coach-like Curiosity for People Managers

    107 minutes total seat time

    Videos, exercises, and workplace scenarios

  • On Demand
    Coach-Like Curiosity for Individual Contributors

    81 minutes total seat time

    Videos, exercises, and workplace scenarios

  • On Demand

    Customer Focused Communication

    30 minutes total seat time

    Videos, exercises, and workplace scenarios

  • Virtual
    Coach-like Curiosity

    6 hours of learning via video conference

    Blend of facilitated, social, and self-directed learning

  • In Person
    Coach-Like Curiosity

    6 hours of face to face learning

    Blend of facilitated, social, and self-directed learning

We all have an Advice Monster Habit.

Get a head start on one of the key learning outcomes of The Coaching Habit. Understanding your Advice Monster Habit is the first step in making the change to coach-like curiosity.


Frequently Asked Questions

Each learning format has its own pricing model. Volume, purchasing additional services from our Program Plus offerings, and other factors impact overall pricing. Our sales team will work with you to create the best approach for your budget.

We offer train-the-trainer accreditation for in-house facilitators through a licensing package. If you're interested in learning more, select the Licensing option in the Program Plus services.

We host monthly Interactive Previews that cover all of our learning experiences and formats. Our team can also demo our On Demand experiences via videoconference.

We offer a pilot option for clients looking to complete a proof of concept as part of an anticipated larger engagement. We work closely with your team to create a pilot experience that supports your learning goals.

We offer licensing options and support for companies that would like to use The Coaching Habit content in more customized ways. We also offer additional services through our Program Plus options.

You can make a bulk book purchase here. Discounted pricing based on the quantity of books you’re ordering is available.

We offer branded and customized pre-experience communications through our Program Plus options.

The experience is heavily based on The Coaching Habit but not identical. We've curated the best from the book and enriched it with new intellectual property leading to a deeper application of coach-like curiosity throughout your day.

Our experiences work equally well for both scenarios. We’ll work with you to decide what option best suits your needs. Participating in intact teams can foster camaraderie while mixed groups can offer diverse perspectives. Some companies find value in offering a mix of both approaches — intact teams for cohesion and mixed groups for broader insights. The choice depends on your specific objectives and preferences.

The 'best' feedback scores often align with personalized learning experiences. Individuals tend to rate their experience highly when provided with a learning format tailored to their needs and organizational contexts. We prioritize understanding your organization in order to choose the learning format(s) that will best suit your needs.

Absolutely. We have designed learning experiences that are contextual so that complex organizations can provide access to the same skill but in ways that work for different kinds of roles.

Yes, we offer a number of post-learning experiences including toolkits for managers, text, email or IM microlearning prompts, and additional practice sessions. Select post-learning options from the Program Plus selections and the team will work with you on putting together the best plan for your objectives.

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