Centering Learners

Whether your goal is upskilling or reskilling, the challenge is the same. How do you create value for a busy employee juggling multiple priorities and pressures? Our learning design philosophy is to break the concept down to its most simple form then create opportunities to apply the learning in practical ways that can be used right away. The faster the learning makes life better for the learner, the more they learn. The more they learn, the more the organization improves. The cycle starts with a choice about the learning opportunities you're investing in.

People Managers   Enablers of change and growth

People managers have the power to make or break the organization. They live in the pressured middle where priorities and personalities collide or coalesce. Whether a people manager is just getting started or is a long time veteran, coach-like curiosity is a skill that will alleviate the daily pressure and enable them to bring out the best in their teams.

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Customer-Centric Employees Heartbeat of customer service and sales

Customer experience is directly connected to bottom line business performance. Sales associates, account managers, customer service agents, installation technicians - all roles that have immense power to create loyalty and lifetime value or to lose a customer to a competitor for a long time. Coach-like curiosity will set them apart in their ability to care for customers.

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Senior Leaders Pacemaker of engagement and change

The best way to champion change in an organization is for the leadership to go first. The power of modeling the change cannot be underestimated. When employees experience their leaders practicing coach-like curiosity, it inspires them to practice it with each other and with customers. It's amazing home much initiative is created when the emphasis moves from selling the change initiative to simply practicing it.

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Multiple Learners Good circulation keeps organizations healthy

Looking for a solution for your whole organization? We can help you map out a plan to help everyone from the frontline to the board room learn the skill of coach-like curiosity.

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Is your workplace curious?

Take our quick quiz to get an idea of how much curiosity is at work in your organization.