How Curious is your Organization

Take this 3-minute quiz to find out. Answer based on your own experience.

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1. People at your company seem to take forever to make decisions.(Required)
2. Decisions take a long time because most things are escalated.(Required)
3. People at your company don't feel like they have the power to tackle their own challenges.(Required)
4. When they face challenges, people at your company tend to seek advice and direction from others (especially managers).(Required)
5. It's tough for people at your company to disagree or have constructive debates.(Required)
6. People at your company are often hesitant to share their opinions openly, fearing negative consequences or judgment.(Required)
7. People at your company are generally resistant to change.(Required)
8. People at your company rarely have time to solve their own challenges, they’re always busy solving other people’s.(Required)
9. Your company struggles to adapt to sudden shifts or changes.(Required)
10. There is a lack of empathy and connection among team members.(Required)