Customer-Centric Employees

86% of consumers said the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services according to the 2023 Salesforce State of the Connected Customer report. With so much resting on the people in the roles that directly connect to the reputational and financial health of a business, are you giving them the tools they need to make the most of their customer interactions?

TCH On-Demand: Customer Focused Communication

TCH On Demand - Customer Focused Communication helps employees who are in direct contact with customers, clients, and patients improve their ability to understand and communicate in ways that centre the person they are serving to create a great customer experience.

Being coach-like means that the foremost concern is to be of service to the customer. The program teaches simple and effective ways to make the mindset shift to customer centricity into a new set of easy to apply habits. It can be used as an introduction to developing customer centric communication habits or as a quick refresher for those already familiar with the concepts. 

  • 982

    Coach-like curiosity with customers

  • 1021

    Identify personal Advice Monster Habits

  • 1003

    Learn our Seven Essential Questions

  • 1004

    Applications of the Seven Essential questions

  • 1001

    Adopt a new approach to building habits

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing is per learner, and we offer volume rates, as well as multi-year licensing options.

It is available in English and French. 

Users select which language they want to use at the beginning of the experience. 

Total learning time is 30 minutes.

We recommend a 3-week drip schedule (1 chapter released per week), but this is customizable. 

This eLearning course is in the SCORM file format. This file is hosted on the company Learning Management System (LMS). 

BOC deploys the files through Content Controller, which allows us to also track enrollment and completion and to add “equivalents” (ie. update the files seamlessly when we make changes). 

Content Controller is GDPR compliant and data is stored in Canada (Amazon Web Services). BoC has enabled one-way hashing of learner identifying data. This means that Identifiers and Learner Names will be translated into a secure, unreadable format in the learner’s browser before that data is transmitted to Content Controller. Even if a client sends BoC learner specific personal data, BoC will not receive it. This setting is automatically enabled and the client does not need to do anything to ensure this occurs. 

Customer Experience Quiz

  • Think Again.

    Quality customer service is the best way to ensure customer loyalty.

    Customers who have a positive customer service experience are more likely to stay loyal to a brand. On the other hand, 80% of customers say they’ll switch brands after a bad experience.

  • Think Again.

    A single negative customer service experience doesn’t impact retention.

    The truth is, every customer interaction is important. One bad experience and 43% of customers say they might switch to another brand.

  • Think Again.

    Strong listening skills are the most important requirement for customer focused roles.

    One of the customers' top frustrations when interacting with salespeople, technicians, and other customer service agents is needing to re-explain issues several times.

  • Think Again.

    Acquiring new customers is more important than retaining customers

    Studies show that customers are willing to spend more at brands they are loyal to, and increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits by 25%. In other words, retaining customers is important and starts with the staff responsible for interacting with customers the most.

  • Think Again.

    Consumers want  personalized relationships with companies. 

    72% of consumers said they expect personalization from service professionals like retail associates, and salespeople. From the first conversation to follow-up, they want to know you’re listening, care, and understand their needs.

  • Thanks!

    The power of customer-focused roles to grow businesses is exponential. We're grateful to all the people who do these very challenging roles!