10 Minute Coaching

Coaching is the essential leadership behaviour

Leaders who can coach are the foundation of a strong, 21st century organizational culture. We teach 10 minute coaching that sticks, so people change the way they lead and your culture strengthens and grows.

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We saw that people, several weeks and several months later, were still excited about what they learned. The fact that they came in skeptical and left with (a) a change in behaviour and (b) still positively thinking about their time in the classroom was a big win for us. ~ VP, Professional Service Firm

Coaching that's a habit

Leaders build new coaching habits and change the way they lead forever.

Coaching in 10 minutes

Leaders use coaching as a fast, everyday and unweird way to drive business results.

Coaching for Every Manager

Coaching for the business

Leaders change their behaviour for a reason: to drive impact and engagement, and to support change.

What Makes Our Approach Different?

We’ve Cracked The Code

If you want to strengthen teams and get better results, having managers who coach is key. But in the past, it’s been difficult for managers to change the way they behave and be more coach-like and helpful.

Find out why we're different

Why coaching?

Teams that don’t get in-the-moment coaching and ongoing feedback are disengaged, more likely to leave and less productive. When time-crunched managers can easily coach in 10 minutes or less they can build stronger, more focused teams and get better results.

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