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Improve communication, engagement and resourcefulness in your workforce by teaching the new skill of coach-like curiosity

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How much of your day is dedicated to quick questions? If your organization is like everyone else’s: Too much. Imagine how much more your organization could get done if people weren’t constantly bouncing from one person to the next, one question to the next? 

Burnout & Overwhelm

Burnout isn’t just about overwork. It’s about energy being consumed by the wrong things. Help your employees by giving them the tools to identify their real challenges and align their time and energy to solving them.


We’ve all done it, stepped over that line from good manager to micromanager. Imagine what would happen if you and all the managers in your organization paused instead of acted when that instinct to take over kicks in. 

Communication Challenges

Healthy communication is a requirement for business success. It creates psychological safety, increases capacity, inspires collaboration and accelerates growth. Invest in communication habits that can grow with you. 

We help people work better

We partner with organizations to transform overwhelmed, overdependent, and burnt out out employees into engaged, resilient and growth minded teams. No more shying away from difficult conversations, wasting time and energy on the wrong problems, and being stuck in the cycle of overdependence and micromangement.

We can help you break those patterns by introducing a new skill to your organization: Coach-like curiosity.

Invest in the one skill that solves many problems. 

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Client Testimonials

"Like many organizations and leaders, participants all had previous coaching exposure and experience. Many said this was the best by far, particularly Michael’s style, the 5 Questions, taming the advice-giving monster and doing/being AWEsome. Leaders have already applied learnings (at home and at work!) and we’re looking forward to the ongoing focus and impact of more coach-like leaders.”
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– Steve Morrow, Director, Talent Development APAC, Salesforce
"We were a bit apprehensive about the course; we had people who were skeptical about what could be accomplished in a four-hour workshop. But our program facilitator, Jonathan, captured their imaginations. His style was engaging and effective — he remembered their names, used examples in the debrief discussions that were relevant and customized — we loved the facilitation, and feedback has been fantastic."
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– Shona Wiley, Head of HR and Competence Development, Volvo Trucks UK
"It’s been an invaluable defining experience for our Live for Good team members and all of us are now eager to practice together across our foundation and start training our young social entrepreneurs. I have no doubt that this will become our 6th Positive Leadership power, a very special power to unleash the potential of the future generation of positive leaders."
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Jean-Philippe Courtois, President and Co-Founder of Live for Good

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