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How To Create Customer-Centric Behaviour

Customers are, in theory, at the centre of everything your company does. The products and services you develop, market, and sell are for the benefit of the customer, without whom the company wouldn’t survive. This how-to guide will help you make the customer the main character of your organization.


5 Ways to be More Coach-Like in Your Company

Everyone has the power to improve the workplace by staying curious longer. Here are five easy ways to put curiosity to work to bring out the best in yourself and those around you.

Why your new people managers need to stop giving advice

Effective managers spend less time giving advice and more time asking questions. Here are four ways asking questions improves your leadership skills and develops more productive teams.

Video Series

Watch our Question Series: Curiosity Changes Everything. This six-episode video series highlights ideas from some curious and great-question seeking leaders including Desiree Adaway, Jean-Philippe Courtois, Aaron Dignan, Karin Hurt, Todd Kashdan, Liz Wiseman and our founder, Michael Bungay Stanier.