An Organizational Approach

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Adopt coach-like curiosity across the whole organization. Create better cross-functional communication by giving people a common skill and set of tools. By investing across the entire organization, a reinforcing habit loop builds. Everyone has the chance to practice coach-like curiosity with one another to drive both individual and organizational change. Unleash continuous learning at the start with an organizational approach.

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Program Plus Options

In addition to our learning experiences, we can help with the following

We offer customized emails promoting learning experiences in advance.

All programs are available in French and English as part of the base cost. We have the capability to translate learning experiences into other languages. Pricing is dependent on the scope of the translations desired.

Add your company brand to the learning experience materials.

Support packages are available in areas including rollout strategy, success metrics, reporting, internal communication, and change management.

We can create custom partnerships to meet organizational needs including providing Train the Trainer options. If you are interested in embedding coach-like curiosity in an enterprise organization, we can license the content in a number of ways to work with your business objectives.

We have a number of post-program learning reinforcement options including text, instant message, and email based. We also offer toolkits and facilitated practice sessions.


Massive Coach-Like Curiosity Change

Learn how one of our clients licensed The Coaching Habit to inspire managers to be more curious and embrace growth mindsets

Based in the United States, our client is a multinational leader in intelligent cloud and intelligent edge solutions. With over 100,000 employees around the globe, the company is focused on digital transformation. They underwent a five-plus year cultural evolution to a learning-focused growth mindset.

The client felt that enabling their managers to be more curious would increase employee accountability, empower their teams, and equip them for success in a fast-changing business environment. Gallup states, “Managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores across business units.” Managers were tasked to role model the cultural values of the organization while behaving more coach-like with their teams and caring about each person’s growth.

In the summer of 2018, our client piloted a Box of Crayons program with 3,200 members of their global sales manager community. At this event, they educated attendees about cultivating a growth mindset including how to teach, mentor, offer feedback, and coach their teams.

Based on the success of this pilot program, they partnered with Box of Crayons to license our content to create a massive open online course (MOOC). The experience of the MOOC offered managers a deeper dive into the basics of being more coach-like, as well as anchoring practice sessions so learnings were embedded into their leadership skills, and in turn, their day-to-day interactions with their teams.

Due to the success and excitement of the first phase, the IP licensing deal was extended and the MOOC required learning for the over 16,000 managers.

Partnership Results

  • 91% engagement and completion success of The Coaching Habit MOOC
  • 583% increase in perceived confidence in being able to coach
  • 87% increase in reported frequency of coaching conversations 
  • 54% increase in agreement that coaching supports business outcomes
  • 44% increase in belief that coaching helps create autonomous teams
  • 59% reported themselves as modeling curiosity more

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