Welcome! It's Nice To Meet You.

We're Box of Crayons, a Toronto-based learning and development company. We partner with large, global organizations to offer practical, interactive, and transformative learning experiences. Founded in July 2002, we have over two decades of experience providing learning and development programs and services for leading organizations.

Our speciality is in unleashing the power of curiosity.

We believe that developing curiosity in individuals is the key to creating stronger businesses with healthy and connected workplace cultures.

Our Values
  • Stay Curious Longer

    Inquire and interrogate.

    Humility fosters learning.

    Failure promotes innovation.

    Great questions even over good answers.

  • Be Generous

    Share authentically.

    Assume positive intent.

    Meet others where they are. 

    Engagement even over excellence. 

  • Pursue Elegance

    Aim for precision and simplicity.

    Navigate ambiguity with grace.

    Good design matters. 

    Process even over outcomes.

  • Cultivate Adult-To-Adult Relationships

    Take courage and challenge directly.

    Clarify and communicate expectations up front.

    Follow through. 

    Real understanding even over presumed.

  • Practice Stewardship

    Support individual growth.

    Promote human flourishing.

    Regenerate what you take.

    Embrace the long view even over chasing quick wins.

Curiosity Brings Us Together

From academia to tech, our team brings diverse expertise to Box of Crayons. We push each other to think differently and deeply. And, of course, always to stay curious just a little bit longer.

What It's Like to Work Here

Interested in Working at Box of Crayons?

If you don't see an open role that's right for you and you think you've got something special to bring to the team, let us know.  

Looking for Learning Opportunities for Yourself?

While Box of Crayons specializes in learning experiences for corporate teams, our founder, Michael Bungay Stanier (MBS for short) is still working hard developing tools for individuals. If you're looking for help unlocking your greatness, Michael's work is the best place to start.