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Twofer Tuesday: On Coaching & More Coaching

Coaching is a topic that’s near and dear to everyone here at Box of Crayons. With this week’s Twofer, I want to open your eyes to a new perspective on coaching. These two articles show how much you can gain by approaching it from an unusual vantage point.

Get It in Writing: The Merits of Coaching by Hand

If you built your career on in-person interaction, would you be able to continue your Great Work if you could no longer talk?

Management consultant Mark Rosen found himself face to face with that question when Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) left him unable to speak. Incredibly, as he discovered, the answer to that question is: Yes — and then some!

Mark continued his coaching practice through instant messages, emails and the like, and realized that relying exclusively on written dialogue helped him build better relationships, faster.

Writing for Harvard Business Review, Mark outlines the basic guidelines you can follow to reap the benefits of coaching through the written (or typed) word.

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The Secret to Better Coaching

Since we’re on the topic of coaching — whether through writing or in person — I recently contributed an article on the matter to the Association for Talent Development. It explores how bucking conventional wisdom can yield the best coaching results.

Have a look at the piece to discover three surprising tips for helping your managers become more effective coaches. (Spoiler alert! It doesn’t have to be a struggle.)

Read: 3 Controversial Ways to Get Your Managers Coaching

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