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Twofer Tuesday: On Coaching & Procrastinating

Many managers want to empower their staff to do great work but aren’t sure how to get there. Many people want to accomplish important tasks but can’t get past their own delay tactics. This Twofer looks at how to improve employee performance by developing good coaching habits, and how to rein in the pest that is procrastination.

Coaching On the Job

For many people, the term “boss” brings to mind things like orders, deadlines, a chain of command. A coach, on the other hand, is seen as someone who nurtures, encourages, develops people to reach their full potential.

Or, to borrow Carrie Bowler’s words from this insightful Mayo Medical Laboratories article:

“A coach is capable of bringing out the full potential of the person’s talent through the process of self-discovery whereby strengths are identified, options explored, challenges undertaken, and encouragement provided, thus creating the empowerment within the person’s talent to move and commit him or her to higher order thinking and behavior.”

If you ask me, there’s no reason that bosses shouldn’t be more like coaches. In fact, there’s EVERY reason that they should be. And it’s probably much easier to integrate coaching practices into the workplace than you think…

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Putting Procrastination in its Place

Procrastination seems to be part of human nature. I’m willing to bet that even the best of us give into it now and then.

Sure, procrastination sometimes opens the door for idle yet creative brainstorming, enabling us to bring fresh new ideas when we finally sit down to accomplish the much-delayed task. But other times, it just makes us late and stressed.

If you’re looking to overcome procrastination, this piece is for you.

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